show # 72

5/24/09 @ Bike Haus, Cincinnati OH

Heath Deadger

Mountain Asleep

We took the trip to see friends play again and to see Cincinnati friends. The show was at Bike Haus, a warehouse space located in the mess of economics and class war that happens right on the street in Over the Rhine. We missed the first two bands.  Our friends were happy to see us and knowing you make people happy in some way is a successful and warm validating feeling.

Heath Deadger convinced me and Austin that we wanted to get pushed around for the 2nd night in a row. The Bike Haus is a large ware house space with a lot of room. People end up falling a lot with no walls to catch balance on. Mountain Asleep had an enjoyable set again too. They should tour beyond Ohio.

A few shit head kids were at the show from some bike “gang” from some cool not Ohio city. One of them was beligerent, making shitty jokes at the expense of others comfort. He was a swaggering ass with a mouth bigger than his brain. Intentionally crude, ignorant humor is fucking expired and has no value.

We went on a night bike ride with “Mosh and Brew Cycle Crew,” mostly the kids in the band The Read and some kids from Chicago.  Bike Haus has a ton of selection in the department of frankenstein bikes. A Chicago person decided to be a bike snob to all of us Columbus kids. Apparently, we didn’t know all the lingo or etiquette for a group ride. Let me be the first to not apologize or care. Riding a bike does not require some outrageous talent. I do it to get excercise, save money/not burn gas, and to get around! I want to ride around a city at night because night air blasting in your face on a bike is a feeling of freedom I never want to forget. Fuck the style or rules surrounding bike culture that try to make people feel stupid for simply wanting to two wheel it. Anyway, it was still fun and we crossed over into KY on a foot bridge over the Ohio. We raced past the gambling, drinking and dining crowd letting out. We flew down hills. Somehow we ended up at White Castle (again). Courageously, we rode in and out of parking spots with “DANGER: HUNGER ZONE” painted in them. Somehow we survived. While some had greasy snacks, Austin and I were trying our hand at riding on curbs. All the Cincy kids were braver than Evil Knievel cruising effortlessly on their tall bikes, drawing disbelief from those we passed. We humans just want to get higher and higher. One bike won’t do… let’s stack em!


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