show # 73

5/25/09 Columbus , OH @ Monster House


The Gateway District

Banner Pilot

The Straight A’s


The Fops and The Dandies

I didn’t want to run a 6 band show but it happened. The tour package came in the mail and I couldn’t say no or send it back. I was shaking the bucket extra hard to get the donations in it. 

Manix, The Gateway District, Banner Pilot, and The Straight A’s are all from Minneapolis. Rough around the edges pop punk. I enjoyed seeing Gateway District play, featuring a member from the now defunct MN band The Soviettes. Nothing close to Soviettes greatness, but still good. Straight A’s had more bubble gum in their sound than their cohorts. I enjoyed Fat Wreck’s latest sign on, Banner Pilot more than I thought I would. Catchy and fast. Good bunch of people too.

Dopamines are now famous. In that I mean when Delay was last on tour and we said we were from Ohio people would say, “Do you know The Dopamines!?” Those loveable bunch of drunks have swept the nation with their pop punk hooks and loaded energy. It could also be because you won’t forget meeting them. Loud and fun. They might shit on your van or rage into the earlier morning hours listening to Superchunk, breaking bottles. Ask Jesse about that one. Jon Weiner also has a Delay tattoo. The magnitude of our love for him only grows.

Fops and the Dandy’s were OSU kids who brought a bunch of people out to the show. They were good guests and they helped support the touring band a lot. They were sound searching a bit but I would say they mostly worship classic rock, especially Bowie. Anytime a man in a band wear’s make up and zebra tights, I will appreciate their presence, even if the music needs some polishing up.


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