show # 74

5/28/09 Columbus, OH @ Monster House Backyard

Busman’s Holiday

The Boy Who Could Fly

Letters to the Moon

The No-Hawks

We decided to have a backyard show despite a 30% chance or percip. It held off! I tossed blankets down on the thick grass that the landlord never cuts for everyone to get cozy on. The funny thing is how easy it would be for us to just get a mower and do it. Whatever. That’s not in our lease. Our lease is actually just a list of things to not do that we ignore, point by point. Feeling like you’re getting away with something is a young feeling. Excitement in life. But really, She doesn’t give a crap and that’s how we benefit. We pay cash like she asks, close to on time and she doesn’t raise rent. It’s a game of give and take. We all sort of win. I think we are good tenets.

Busman’s Holiday from Bloomington, IN are musicians. They grasp pop music like the Beach Boys. They showed off melodies and parts intertwining seamlessly. It sounded simple but it was complex. They were so catchy! And the instrumentation! Acoustic guitar, bare minimum drum set with a suitcase kick, stand up bass, clarinet… did they have a violin? Multiple part harmonies with full, soaring voices. They all have to be in music school, which is totally unfair to the untrained, lazy musician. The arrangements were impressive. They played jangly, folky, old timey, foot tapping pop. They were also dynamic, funny, and charming. See this band now. GO!

The Boy Who Could Fly as I have mentioned before, is some of my favorite music. On this night Kari played her kindergarten, quiet pop on electric guitar through a tiny amp. Our faded brown brick house was her back drop. The wind blew her hair up like she summoned it to do so. She summons me to relax the muscles in my body and not care about anything. I am soothed and healed in some way.

Lisa and I played and I should have practiced more before the show… it was okay though. We played our Europe song for the first time and besides my guitar being painfully out of tune, it went well.

The No-Hawks from AL jumped aboard the show. They got my number from a friend’s friend or something trying to find a place to stay in CBUS. I talked to them for a few minutes in person when they arrived at our house. They passed the character inspection and so I told them they could play. They were a folk punk band on tour not ready to be on tour. They would play half songs and then argue and accuse each other of messing up. It was the cutest. They were very nice kids and young and I think they will get the hang of it soon.

I had a fire going for the whole show, kindled and kept a blaze by sticks from the base of trees and wood from the dumpsters. I stared into it and hung out with folks after the show. The only irritating part of the show was when a kid I worked with at the library donated 50 cents to the show and had a 6 pack of nice beer. I know he makes more money that me at work too. Asshole.

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