show # 75

5/30/09 Columbus , OH @ Monster House

Signals Midwest

No Target Audience

Nordic Waste

The Undesirables

The low attendance at this show caused me stress as the “booking agent.” I felt responsible… or irresponsible, thinking I didn’t do enough foot work to get people out. Sometimes you just post the show on the internet and call it a day. What a cop out right? I did draw up a flyer for it though. I even photo copied it on yellow paper.  It was just a slow night.

My Ohio friends of Signals Midwest and No Target Audience made the evening have some life in it, playing with enthusiasm. They are all good people to just hang out with late on the porch.

The Duluth MN/Wisconsin combo called The Undesirables played basement punk rock and roll. Midwestern. Sounded like beer and baseball and the crunchy distortion turned up. Twangy tunes.

Duluthm MN’s Nordic Waste thrashed. Harsh vocals and tearing guitar riffs. They had this great poster with pictures of them playing paired up with their senior class pics. It is good to have a sense of humor about yourself. They were some hilariously bad pictures.

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