show # 76

6/1/09 Monster House, Columbus OH

Ooh Da Lally

Ryan Starinsky

Two Hand Fools


June comes fast and the basement air gets thicker. Smells more like rotten eggs and three brands of cat pee.

Before the show, I had sprouting seeds in the sun on our front steps of eggplant, pepper, tomato. One of my little trays was kicked over and not picked up by a band. What is the deal!? Didn’t they realize it was a future salad they had endangered?

Ooh Da Lally is from Louisville, KY and they play folk songs. With a new bass player and a new drummer, their sound needed some tightening. Sweet kids. When they come to town, a trip to Buckeye Donuts is mandatory. 

R. STAR is my roommate and as I have mentioned earlier in this blog event, his song writing continues to progress as he plays. Keep stumming and howling in your room right above mine little buddy. I can hear everything.

TWO HAND FOOLS. These Cleveland stinkers have the same story. They only get better and tighter. They play a version of folk punk that is actually good. It is catchy, it is bouncy, it is served up from the heart. They will put you in a good mood. They have enduring punk energy that they have been using to write some good songs. I wanna listen to them on a road trip west. It is that type of thing.

PHARAMONES. I love pop music and they fuckin play it. It’s pop the radio cannot have. It’s ours. It is all ours and I’m not sharing- Well, okay, email me for the mp3s if you want,

GORILLABISCUIT2003 at yahoo dot COM.

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