show # 80

6/8/09 Columbus , OH @ Monster House

A Drum and an Open Window


Ghost Mice

Arkansas ?


I have met traveling train hopping types that have been decent folk. I have also met the type whose right hand has become an Old English 40oz. The type to abuse their dog, each other, or serious drugs.  Not trustworthy, bad guest types.

Three traveler crust punk kids stumbled up to our house, hearing about the show from another traveller kid who saw them panhandling on the street and invited them. Pierced, badly tattooed, and glassy eyed; covered in train yard soot. I extended a welcoming which they received and returned graciously. I asked one thing: No dogs in the house or at the show. Dogs do not like rock music. A show is an unsafe environment for any pet. They all seemed understanding and generally nice. But they were messed up and only got more messed up. They all got 40’s at 7/11 so they couldn’t donate to the show. I think they scared my neighbors into giving them shish kabob. Their dogs ended up tied to our back fence barking all night. One of the three got beyond wasted. He was in the basement during a band. They finished and he barely made it up the steps with my help and the help of his two friends. We thought he had it so we let go. I went back downstairs and rolled my eyes at my brother. From the basement, we heard the wood floor catch his falling bones right over our heads. This guy couldn’t make words. We had to herd him away from the basement for the rest of the night so he wouldn’t die falling down the steps or disturb the show. Somehow, he made it down the steps to shout “White Power” between a band’s songs. One of the other travelers smacked him so hard up side his head for saying it. They all wanted to stay the night which could not happen. Dusty told them to leave on behalf of our house. He had stuff stolen from his house in a similar situation and the burns of the past gave him no reservations. It is disappointing it had to end in a negative way. Trusting people is okay. Thinking twice about people is also okay.

Even though that brought some tense excitement, the show was spectacular. The turn out was impressive and everyone seemed to have a good time. It was a unique mix of people and smells, all in one basement.

A Drum and an Open Window from Boston started the show with their simple folk punk anthems. “Do what you love, and fuck everything else!”

Having Ireland’s Heathers in our own basement was a priveledge.  I like being an international youth hostel. An OSU student who occasionally comes to shows was amazed by them. He looked at me and said something like, “How did you land this act?” It didn’t seem worth explaining in depth that the DIY network has limited contacts for touring in certain cities and we just happened to be a very visible one in Columbus. I said something like, they just asked to play in Columbus and they knew we did shows. When Delay was on M*Space in a former life, I got a “friend request” from Heathers. Chris (Ghost Mice) was over after playing at our old house (screamer house) and I told him to check them out. I thought it was cool they were from Ireland. Now they have a Plan-it-X release and have toured with Ghost Mice twice. The magic chain link of events. It is fascinating. The Heathers set captivated the audience. Heathers are acoustic guitar and two voices harmonizing. It is traditional souding and folk influenced but also has a pop sense. They sing to each other and only to each other; voices rollercoastering together in perfect unison. They are in some twin land. They had a silly night and Ellie couldn’t stop giggling into the eyes of Louise.

Ghost Mice (IN, IL) may be the most contagious folk punk band. It makes sense though. They play it well and are early players in the scene. The songs are simple, inspirational, meaningful, and fun as hell to shout along with. My favorite Ghost Mice song is probably Figure 8.

Arkansas ? are boyish pop-punk from the Chicago area. It’s bounce up and down music. Accidentally cute and purposefully sincere.

Delay is my own band and I will just say the set was fun. I was excited to play for Heathers.

After the show we played basketball at the courts across the street from Monster House. We always talk about getting really good and then hustling people for money. We would show up looking all ratty wearing laughable foot attire and then kick everyones ass. It is very wishful thinking. A shirtless basketball hunk joined our friends game. I joked with Ellie that he was her ideal American man. I think she took a picture of him. My house and all the bands then walked to Buckeye Donuts and had chips (fries).

me , louise, toby, victor vb.



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