show #81

6/17/09 Athens , OH @ the Art Building

New Creases


The Reveling

Young Hearts

Athens is a small town during the school year. It is smaller during summer. With Brown Town temperorarily shut down, all of the shows there had to be moved. Apparently the city believes it is unsafe for a lot of people to gather in a house. Funny because on any school year Thurs.-Sat., wasted students spill out of houses all over town and turn into beasts. Brown Town cannot take money either because they are not a legit business enterprise, they are a house. Brown Town makes their house booze free, a safe space, community welcoming, and important in local arts. All of the money taken is for bands/artists support and it is donated. Congratulations Athens, OH city council on setting an example of a double standard. Let the partyers keep fucking up the city and fighting and puking on the sidewalk while a positive force is shut down.

The show ended up in the art building at OU. Max got access to the auditorium. It was far too large for the attendence. There was a handfull of Athens people there, a few Columbus, some Parkersburg, WV kids, and then the bands. We got some delicious fries from O BETTY’s and I will eat there everytime I go to Athens. It has that greasy taste and unbeatable atmosphere.

To make things less akward, the bands set up on the huge stage and we all stood on it to watch them. New Creases played like it was band practice; having casual banter with each other and the audience saying things like, “We always mess that part up.” They give Columbus pop-punk cred. Fast and emotional. Hooks galore. Just goofing around on this occasion.

Amelia played their low-fi fuzzy grunge pop. I was pleased. Maryn’s guitar sounded like cardboard with strings going through a distortion pedal. I think that’s the idea.

Young Hearts from Brooklyn are POP (capital pop) punk. Very polished sounding. They probably came up on Drive Thru style emo bands and then got into Hot Water Music and their sound lands somewhere in between. Sweet fellas for sure.

The important thing about The Reveling (NYC) is that Max Weinberg’s (E Street Band, Conan O’Brien show) son is the drummer. I didn’t know until after the show. It totally makes sense. Kid had a drummer’s complex to the extent of drumming gloves and an oddly placed, very high china type crash cymbal. Originally, I thought he would use the cymbal sparingly so I encouraged my cohorts to “party” with me each time he hit it. That would have been a lot of partying because he hit it a ton. It lost it’s magic if you can believe that. They sounded like, we like Social D and The Boss and we are going to pour our hearts out to you even though we are tough.

I had a good time at the show as Amelia’s roadie. I insisted on moving in and out their guitars, parking the car, etc. I had to earn my free ride to the show.

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