show # 82

6/20/09 Monster House, Columbus OH

Levi Funk


Noise Noise Noise



This was the 100th show @ Monster House. It should have been a lot more epic but it really wasn’t. It was like a birthday cake with no frosting. Still enjoyable and thoughtful but missing that thing I want globs of. I had to give a band member a “talk” about why messing with college kids passing by and saying crass things about BJs; giving and receiving; is detrimental to the environment we try to keep at Monster House.

Zainesville’s own Levi Funk (real name) played a solo acoustic set to start the night. He was a one man pop punk band, loveably honest and dweeby and fun.

Chicago’s Bust! delivered catchy lo-fi punk at a break neck pace, song after song. They have a great live show.

Noise Noise Noise delivers the same type of speedy punk but with more pop sense and heavy influence from sixties garage pop rock. They helped out Delay big time with a show in Billings, Montana in an old building on the main drag. I remember at a house party after the show, we all sat in a circle in the dry summer air and did an ice breaker type of game. Everyone went around and told about themselves. It is a rare thing to do at a party. Lots talked about music or a job. Most kids mentioned something about “going to Fuck City.” That’s just when you fade out to the booze music.  I won’t ever forget what Jesse said; “I’m Jesse and I enjoy going to fuck city on my front porch and listening to records. I’ve also been best friends with this kid (I was next to him) for 16 years.” That long? Seemed like an eye blink to me. Our tall, maniac of a roadie, AL- managed to fall out of his chair. That counted as his turn in the circle game. I remember laying on a trampoline in the back yard looking up at Montana’s big, star filled sky; the “Rims” just black jagged shapes against a slightly lighter sky. Sometimes you don’t even need to jump up and down to be thrilled with existence.

Thrash poppers from Dayton, SOK!, played fast and fun and also kept the vibes of the show good. Even with the low turn out, they lended contagious smirks and jokes. Dayton brings the party.

Two piece grunge noodlers, Creatures, closed out the show. During their set we unleashed 100 balloons filled with Lisa and Amanda’s lungs. I dumped cans of soda and beer on the ground for everyone to enjoy. I got covered in both. Later I had to clean up some of the full beer cans I rolled out and I swear, our house is the only place in Columbus (besides Legion of Doom) that a person would have to do such a outrageous thing.

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