show # 89

7/12/09 Columbus, OH @ 15th House

15 Bands, 15th House!

I won’t say it was a good idea. It was a blasphemous proposition said aloud and in jest. But when the words were dedicated to the air, we couldn’t suck them back or shoo them away. Was it logical? No. Would it be a disaster? Probably.

The conversation came up between me and Jimi and Troi. We had all said YES to booking out of town bands on the same day in Columbus. No schedules allowed flexibility. Competing with each other meant three fold failure. The words uttered during a hang out were along the lines of, ‘Let’s just combined the shows.’ Then we all said no. Too much or too many or too long or frustrating or too much standing or how will we pay everyone?

The conversation continued. To pull it off, Jimi suggested we make it absurd. We’d need a lot of locals. We’d need a keg. We’d make massive amounts of food. We’d need 15 bands at the 15th house. Obvious and catchy promotion; cha-ching. When we disbanded, I wasn’t sure if we were joking or not. I called Troi a day or two later and he gave a hesitant ‘We can do it at our house.’ I don’t think he asked all or any of his roommates. Maybe one. Jimi had already tagged the internet advertising the show of the summer. I jumped on board for going overboard. I made an 11X17 flyer. The internet held our slogans like,



And, stuff about the band Fifteen even though we aren’t huge fans.

So me and Jimi had to get the Keg; something we’d never done nor thought we would ever do. We were/are very unqualified to do it.  We didn’t even know were the place was. We didn’t want spend our own money either. So it was time to go through all the beer/other cans in the basement we had smashed and saved from shows at our house. We bagged the drippy smelly cans rotting with the smell of corporate pee. We filled up almost eight bags. They bulged with flashy aluminum for target markets. We didn’t know where the can place was. We made it after Jimi led me back and forth on East 5th... We got $27 dollars and a compliment on having a license plate from Cuyahoga County. Unless you like the stress relief of smashing cans, it does not seem worth the effort to save them and turn them into much less cash than cans. Since then, we have let Rumpke recycling deal with them. Regardless, we were $27 up. We went to the keg place, bought the cheapest (Milwaukee’s Best Light) and remembered to rent a tap. Buff dudes loaded it in our car. Bumping in Pat’s naturally bumpy station wagon on a brick street toting a keg that was sweating from the burning up car interior, something hit us. We needed to refridgerate it! Ohio’s July would spoil it.

Stink House Jr. was the only place with a fridge with enough room for a keg. Reluctantly we took it there, fearing for its precious liquid. If there’s one place NOT to leave beer, it was Stink House Jr. Jimi and I lugged it in to laughter of residents. I think we set it down 3 times before we made it in the front door from only 15 yards away. I cannot believe the keg survived until the show. Probably because they had no tap handy. I appreciated their good word though and will speak highly of their restraint in the face of temptation.

On the day of the show, Alan “Iceman” Ringle came through with an off the clock special delivery of ice to 15th house. I remembered a trash can for the lil’ keg. We had extra to fill up a baby pool for peoples BYOB. I heated up a lake of chili on the stove. I loaded in Uncle Dean’s PA, aka, Monster House PA. Mickey was home and made me worried about the show and I was already worried and we all got worried. We shook it all off though. For me, it ended up being the #1 FUN SHOW OF SUMMER! Everyone was there. Everyone from every subculture social circle was gathered for fun and music and camaraderie. It was a fucking perfect summer night. Interesting that people donated more because there was a keg. All money that came from a “Hey man… for the keg.” Went right to bands. One kid gave me a ribbed condom from his wallet and I said, “Glad you are being safe,” although wallets aren’t the recommended place to keep those. I threw it out.

The highlights for me were watching Portland, OR’s FOREVER. Check them out. I will do poorly at describing them.

Also, Athens, OH Spooktober fueling a full basement dance party.

Cleveland, OH’s Sungod brought it too, with riffy, melodic lines in vocals and bass and guitar. It was Dinosaur Jr. esque alt punk done right. Accomplished musicians playing well together.  I took the SAT’s next to their guitarist. He had on a Descendents shirt. We played a punk show together at 17.  There we were.

I got each touring band $60. Then I drank. I payed bands money Brian made me take for the keg by accident. I danced and appreciated my friends. Will there be a sequel?

These are the bands that I think played! Help me figure out the last one! IF there was another one.

Destroy Nate Allen
Wingnut Dishwasher’s Union
Public Service Announcement
Ginger Fetus
Submarine Spaceship
Sun God
Rag Rage
New Creases
Fuck It Factory
Best Friends
Kurt Russel, Seizure Fist




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4 responses to “show # 89

  1. The show was a blast! We we’re stoked to be included!!!

  2. anna

    that sounds like so much fun, do it again! on the 15th of some month (to keep the 15th going) i would definitely come to Columbus for that

  3. jimi


  4. i am so into doing this again

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