show #90,91

7/14/09 Coumbus, OH @ Monster House

Underdogs of Nipomo


Lightninging (Lightningyinyang)

Austin and Amanda designed and screen printed post card flyers for these two shows. They sent them to all the collective living/group living houses. I would say the effort in getting the word out for the shows deserved better turn outs. Regardless, it was a mid summer basement show double header and I was in a good mood.

Underdogs of Nipomo from the burbs’ of Cleveland kicked off the show. To the delight of a few crowd members, they did an Archer’s of Loaf cover. If you don’t know this band, check out their album Vee Vee. The art on it is terrible. The music; good. 

Stymie from Denton Texas is a pop-punk band that learned to play from Screeching Weasel albums. It’s like a little brother who just learned 3 chords and keeps rearranging them and won’t shut up. Then he invited over 3 friends all on the same page with different instruments. I guess that could be me at one time in my life. This is a fun band to see live and to dance too. They are fun dudes too. 

This show was Lightning-yin-yang’s first show ever. We prepared with banners, sound clips, and costumes. This band is just me and my twin brother Austin. We think we are a punk band. We try to say, no rules! We started this band so we could walk into our basement and turn on 1 amp and set up drums and play out immediate feelings. Mostly, we needed to indulge in the immediate urge to play loud and fast and kinda yell sing. It’s a healthy ritual of twinship.

@ Legion of Doom


Pain Killer

Sick Fix

Coke Bust

I made it over the LOD show during the last song of Canada’s, Tonnn. It was gloomy and heavy with banshee vocals up high and lower yells. I would have liked to have seen the whole set.

This was the second time I saw Pain Killer from Columbus/Lancaster. They pummeled through their set. I rolled around on the ground and had fun banging my head to d-beats and minor chords. Lots of serious SXE kids turn out whenever a bigger SXE band comes to the LOD. They pose tough and don’t smile. That’s why we had to dance and be the goofy losers we are. Thanks Pain Killer.

Sick Fix are Hardcore SXE from the D.C area. PissedOFF is a good word to describe them. Fast. The singer had good things to say about why she is substance free and I will always hear out a thought out reasoning. Mostly, it was family issues with abuse. But also, a distaste for the fucked up advertising around the alcohol industry. Sexist, racist, classist, homophobic. It is still important to be a conscious consumer as a drinker. Makes me happy that me and Pat decided to brew our own cider.

Coke Bust is also from D.C. They seriously tear through a set. It’s intense and fast but controlled. Fits of anger and skate punk speed come through amps and the PA. It makes you want to circle pit or wall of death the other side of the room. Chris from this band also drummed for Sick Fix and is in Magruder Grind. He is the best drummer in HC, power-violence, grindcore- that I have ever seen live. He hits the drums hard and rules the tempo. He holds together the overall sound of any band he is in.

The surprising thing was,almost no one tough guy moshed at this show. Actually, nobody really moved. HC music calls for a physical response. It doesn’t have to be ignorant though. There is a middle ground for physical expression and it can be achieved at a show if people keep their heads. There needs to be a conscious of surroundings and then we can all move in acceptable ways. I wanted to move and I know others did too. The only kid who chose to move did so in a negative way. He began moshing incredibly hard and in an annoying invasive way. Tall Rob (formerly of REFLECT) swatted this kids Red Sox hat off, pushed him aside, and flicked him off. The kid was done. Maybe the best crowd participation I have seen in a while. Hats off to you Rob.


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