show # 94

7/20/09 Bloomington, IN @ Rachel’s Café

Matt Toby

The Read


Water Color Paintings


Pink Houses

This show marked the beginning of another Delay tour adventure. The tour was made possible by Baby Jake, a friend from Louisville, KY. His Mom has a mini-van. He convinced her that he should be our chauffer in that van. He took off work and we were saved by the wheels of a black Caravan. What would we do without friends and Caravans? Thanks Dodge. The remote control trunk opener was a little unecessary though, except to impress people.

In Bloomington, the first thing I had to do was walk to the Chocolate Moose and get a Moose Horn: Frozen banana dipped in Chocolate dipped in nuts. I waved our tour mates The Read from Cincinnati along with me so they could witness the power of the horn. It was a sweet start to a sweet night.

An acquaintance from college years came to the show and it was a pleasant surprise. She was in grad school at IU and she came out with a couple of friends. I invited her in an e-mail. She is currently doing a lot of work in the hearing field of study. Once we found this out, Austin and I were telling her how fucked our ears are. Is it true when your ears ring that you lose the pitch it is ringing? She said we needed to get fitted plugs; poured and molded. We needed to invest in the high tech stuff for our ear’s future. Our ear’s are like our children, invest now! I cannot keep track of small expensive things like that. For me, it will continue to be ear wax stained neon orange or Barney purple foam plugs collecting lint in my pocket. I’m sure I will regret not taking her advice. After our set that I was self conscious about in regards to volume, we got to catch up. When you run out of things to talk about with people you only kind of know, the default is talking about somebody you both know better than each other: This person was Dave. You are so popular Dave.

To see a Matt Tobey solo set to start a tour is uplifting in everyway. Hopefulness and imaginative dreams are carried by his unique voice and accomplished guitar playing. I am convinced he means it too. You can see and sense the feeling. He played one of my favorite Screamer House (our old house in CBUS)  show sets ever. My older sister Erin came to that show and she is a Matt Tobey fan. She requested songs and sang along. When I gave her his stuff I remember she said he sang like the Veggie tales character Larry the Cucumber. Don’t take offence Matt. Your voice is yours and only yours and so it is special. I don’t think you sound like Larry, but she still does.

Iji was from Seattle and played a Northwest K Records style of indie-pop full of random play toy instruments and melody. It was like Children’s music at times but for twenty-something people. I like music that is exploratory in the pop realm in unashamed ways because it challenges what punk is. It is not just rough and gruff. It is still strange. There was a playfulness present in Iji’s melodies and the lead singer’s voice was high and fragile and in and out of falsetto without seeming self conscious.

Water Color Paintings is a two piece from Santa Barbara, CA. It is cute music about life and feelings. The main instrument is a harp accompanied by uke or guitar. It is rare to see a harp in any band. The sound of it is beautiful and soothing. I want to see a band with an electric harp worn on a strap and played through a full stack.

The Read and Pink Houses had good sets as well. After the show, we ate some Rock-Its pizza and loitered on the sidewalk. Punks should always loiter; as if to say, we might be planning crime or piercing our nips with safety pins.

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  1. apanda

    you crazy, it was a black grand caravan.

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