show# 95

7/21/09 Indianapolis, IN @ Moria

Someones name?

Kurt Rambis

The Seperation

The Read


Our day started with a drive out of Bloomington down back roads to a near by swimming spot. We splashed around the taste of a luke warm lake and threw around a warped blue Frisbee that we chased more than we caught. We laid out under the sun. Austin and I realized that although they save space, hand towels are not sufficient for laying on or using to dry a full manboy’s body. The Read brought a small camping propane stove. It heated up cheap tortillas, beans, and canned corn for a family lunch.

Delay had never played in Indy. The last time The Read played at Moria/Halloween house, someone spilled a good amount of beer on the dust covered, heavily treaded cement basement floor. Someone got on the ground and drank it right up. They assured us the show would be fun.

Indy has parts that feel like it could be Detroit’s cousin. Neighborhoods with ply wood windows and cars that haven’t moved from a spot in years. A dying Midwest vibe on streets that need repaving. Moria is a two sided big brick house in one such neighborhood. The residents are fine folks. Nick is probably the kindest looking person I have seen. He has big brownie batter eyes and a warm smile. Rosey cheeked and jolly. He deals with people so naturally too, from people coming to the show to a sketchy guy that was up in my brother’s face. He has a gracefulness for interaction. The show was a blast. Our set was fun and well received. I got all loose and my joints had no choice but to move for The Read.

After the show, a store bought freezer pizza cook out was happening in the kitchen stove. One started to burn and the house filled up with smoke. A drunk Mitch (bass for The Read) said,

“It’s Smargy in here.” Yes. Smargy. Very smargy.

I ate a pizza slice a little too soon. Impatience won me a nice flap of dead burned skin on the roof of my mouth. This would make eating unpleasant for the next day. Jerry was the butt of an NA beer in the free beer cooler joke, taking it unknowingly and wondering why the taste was off. My Dad is the only person I know who enjoys a good NA.

Mitch and Austin were amidst a tour farting contest and Austin was putting Mitch to utter shame even though we were only on day two. We told Mitch if he shat himself, he would earn 10 points rather than just 1 for a fart. He said,

“Put your hand on my asshole…. Do it! Feel me shit my pants. I will shit my pants right here. I want you to feel me shit my pants!” He was directing my hand.

He immediately apologized for saying such a thing in front of two ladies; Amanda and Ashley, who were laughing hysterically. We stayed up late. Jake had a sparks. There was a debate about which sides of the house some of us would sleep on. When a roommate came home from work and blasted music while playing video games and someone’s boyfriend came back from work late, we all ended up on one side. We watched food network, fascinated by chocolate drizzles and parsley bits until we fell asleep.

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