show # 96

7/22/09 Chicago , IL @ Joe’s House

Arkansas ?


The Read

Like Bats


Chicago is a place that reminds me of the tortures of traffic. I can remember a family vacation there to see my Aunt and Uncle. The windows of the car were stuck up. The traffic was stuck looking at what is now called Cellular Field and it was over 90 degrees. Six irritated related people sat in a mid sized Oldsmobile. We couldn’t get there soon enough. Now I think of the many growing neighborhoods. I think of Wicker Park and the hip part of town. I remember the first time Delay played in Chicago at Johnny Misfits house on bad equipment for many drunk people. We slept in a tent on his cement lawn. I remember drinking coffee from 7/11 with Jesse outside of Mauled by Tigers Fest a few years ago. I think of Lose The Tude driving all the way there to play 20 minutes at this year’s Bash Back convergence. Our set happened during a sex party one floor below us. I wonder if anyone climaxed during a song. I also think of mariachi bands playing in a restaurant while me and my friends order the best burritos I’ve had in the Midwest . A burrito can make or break a day.

We got into the city with only a little stop and go frustration. The show was at a house on Chicago’s south side. It was a former parent’s house so it was very well kept. The basement had a functional washer and dryer (I’m envious) and was set up like a middle school band practice spot complete with a mini stage and lights over head. The show was packed and hot. The New Creases demo was blasting in the background while bands set up. You forget sometimes that you are not the only one who can like bands from the city you live in. I knew them first!

Like Bat’s are Chicago based. They sound a lot like Broadways/Lawrence Arms and Alk Trio.

Locals Parrhesia played with a blown out bass sound and squealing overly distorted guitar. It was heavy and slower hardcore, though there were fast parts. They all got on the ground a lot and seemed very into it. 

Some dirt bags came to the show. Disrespecting a neighborhood you’re not from is sad. Peeing in inappropriate places, throwing butts and cans on the ground, and being really rowdy is uncalled for. We can live it up, but we should be conscious of surroundings and know what is appropriate and not. These kids were like bullies out of the Little Rascals or something with nicknames like Scab or Worm. They were the type to believe in nothing but getting fucked up and so the dress code for that is attacking people who do. These scums had nothing but shit to talk about the requested no drinking policy at the show. It was like being at lunch in high school… you try to eat while the table behind you audibly mocks you and your friends for what they think they know about you. A space that is a self proclaiming DIY space or alternative space is often attempting to create a certain environment. This means those running the show might make suggestions or requests to those attending in order to foster that certain environment. Yes, some will not care. Those people do not belong in our community. To me, to be welcomed openly to such a space means an amount of respect and consideration should be shown. I had to say something to them and they didn’t say a thing back. I didn’t want conflict, I just wanted to say I think you are all cowards and I won’t let you make me and my friends feel voiceless.

On a lighter note, some friends from our first ever tour when we played Wonder Lake, IL- which Austin and I swam across- came out for the show. They were boys being boyish. Shirts off, sliming on one another as those in contact range got slippery shiny smells on their arms that weren’t their own. Sweaty fun is usually good fun.

We were put up for the night by the inspiring kids at the Fun House. I got the latest “LIST” ZINE from Ramsey it was very cute and enjoyable. They are all creative and very active people in that house. In the morning, we walked the train tracks together until scooting down a glass decorated, dusty hillside to go eat the best Falafel in the world at Sultan’s. Getting yer gut fed for under $5 is the finding gold under the X on the treasure map. Cha-Ching.

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