show # 97

7/23/09 Grand Rapids, MI @ The DAAC

The Read



The DAAC is Grand Rapids’ collectively run, volunteer run, all ages show space. It is a decent size and seems somewhat organized and tidy. I admire any collective space that functions in some shape or form, especially one that has been around since 03’. It’s a commitment to make something like that happen on any level. Jill is sweet and fun and she booked the show for us. She made us pasta too. Before we went to the show, we went to a playground next door to her apartment. We were lured into the dangers of the playground version of a merry-go-round. This contraption is made for injury or to torture other kids dumb enough to get on. You grab the bars and start running like the beginning of a bobsled race. We tortured Mitch and Jesse. They sat bravely in the middle. It made me nauseous just to watch them spin faster and faster.  

The show had a decent turnout but nothing spectacular. Wormburner’s set was enjoyable. They played up tempo melodic and heart filled punk with that rust belt sound. I was glad to trade Delay junk for 7”s and a t-shirt.

The real adventure came after the show. The Read was hell bent on dumpstering pizza. They had their GPS search for every pizza place within 10 miles and then made a plan of attack. I figured I’d go along for the hunt. We stopped at a lot of places with doughy monsters and old sauce stinking at us. Then Jerry, in The Read’s black out of state plated huge kidnapper van with spray paint on it, decided to go through a fresh red light in front of a cop. We were pulled over. We were made to get out. We were frisked. The van was searched. Jerry’s license was scanned and then Jerry was cuffed. We were all confused. Jerry had a restricted license we were told. We couldn’t figure out why. Mitch was put in the cruiser with Jerry and then I was put in a cruiser with Troy. We were all let out soon after except Jerry. The cop asked us, those not cuffed, if Jerry had a kid and wasn’t paying child support. I guess that could be a reason for license suspension. We had to laugh at that suggestion. Did we look like we had kids? We had to tell the cop that thinking of Jerry with a kid was frightening.

It seemed like Jerry was going to half to go downtown and we would have to post bail. We all searched our wallets for cash. The cops were actually nice at least. They wanted to shoot the shit with us about being in a band. They didn’t fuss about the empty beer cans shoved in the doors of the van or the fact that two of us had tools with knives on them. Lucky. The cops made mention of some condition where we might be able to pay cash to them on the street for Jerry’s immediate release. This seemed weird. Ten minutes later, Jerry was just released, no transaction needed and we left. He explained to us that the cop was texting his supervisor about what to do while he sat in the back. One text read, “Does he seem like a decent kid?” To which the officer replied, “Very decent.” I guess Jerry and the cop chatted about Cincinnati and OTR (Over The Rhine), rated one of America’s most dangerous cities and Jerry’s current home base. Jerry got off with a pending charge and ticket that he could have deferred if he figured out what went wrong with his license the following day. Turned out to be expired insurance. The renewal was sent to him at an old address so he never got it.

We continued to chase the elusive pizza despite our brush with Johnny Law. We got some decent pies. Then we got pulled over again because a cop saw us lurching through an alley in the suspicious van. We almost got caught trying to pry open the locked pizza dumpster we had found. Mitch bullshited an explanation. We were lost, trying to get to our friends after our show. We didn’t want to be looking up directions on the road so we stopped in the alley. We wanted to be safe. It worked. We were sent on our way. We counted it a victory and a sign not to push luck any further. We headed to Jill’s. Dumpstered pizza is best eaten after it has been reheated in a frying pan on a gas stove in the company of friends while telling an exaggerated police story. We did it all for pizza. A funny thing is spending $7 for the all you can eat pizza buffet in Grand Rapids the very next morning.

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