show # 98

7/24/09 Lansing, MI @ Basement 414

Stonefaced Crap on Walls art show

Stripe Light

Fuckin’ Gnarly

Lord Vapid

Raisins of Acquired Taste


The Read

Early in the day, we swam. Lake Lansing offered us green grass for playing and clear water for splashing. Our bodies needed some form of rinsing. We worked up a little exercise sweat and then ran for the water in our boxer clad gnarly glory. We were scolded for throwing a Frisbee in the water. We took it on land. Jake managed to take out a garbage can in an attempt to perform an all-star catch. His knee swelled up. After intense Frisbee tossing, we all took a nap on the grass and I was once again cursed by the hand towel I brought. It was too small! How could I truly lay out and get some rays on my under belly?

Lansing’s minor league baseball team is called, “The Lansing Lug Nuts.” Wow. Some one thought of that. A committee voted it into actual existence. I am scared of those who make decisions. This isn’t another dying automotive industry city… is it? The logo on the stadium is a crazy looking lug nut.

Our show took place in a back alley railroad track area in what seemed like a bomb shelter basement for a big brick building. In the front of the building was a sports moron bar with ladies wet t-shirt nights. For a second we thought our show was there. We would have to run out and get football jerseys or something. Our place was in the back. The space was nice. No cobwebs or stored food for Armageddon. It had a coffee bar and some computers. It was a fully functioning venue and art space. We were playing “Stonefaced’s” art show. This kid was around 18 and he was prolific. He had so much trippy art ranging from just black and white to wild collages. My eyes had to scan the walls for about an hour. Punk and Art cannot be separated in my mind. They are buddies. There was a meat cook out and I invented the pickle dog as an alternative. Slap a pickle in a bun and generously apply condiments.

Before the show we had what The Read calls a “safety meeting.” This is drinking beer in the van cause you can’t inside. Marco of Salinas Records joined us. We gave him our new album on cassette in hopes that he might want to Vinylize it. The show blew by. The last day with The Read had to come. The night ended with a slumber party in the Cheap Girl’s (sweet band from Lansing) living room, me and The Read boys rolling around in our sleeping bags and having boy talk.


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