show # 100 wowie!

7/26/09 Pittsburgh, PA @ 222 Ormsby

Code Orange Kids

Shady Ave.


Andrew Jackson Jihad

Pittsburgh offers up something new every time I’m there. Those rolling hills lead from one cool looking old neighborhood to the next, over one river to a historic strip, over another to crumbling brick. The show took place at a venue called 222 Ormsby. It is an old brick grocery store in the front and a house connected in back. They run shit. I asked one of the kids how it started and he said,

“Well, my girl broke up with me and I knew then I wanted to get a place big enough to have punk shows.” So he bought it.

We were aided in equipment loading, directed where to put equip. and set up merch, given a suggested band order, shown to a keg for bands, shown where we could sleep. They also ran the door to make sure things went well for all the bands gas money. It did go well. They counted the money in front of me. It was split equally between bands. In my mind, locals are support. If things go well, they should be taken care of. However, touring bands should always make the most because of the road behind or ahead. I wasn’t mad about this at all. I don’t like to get all serious about money so I graciously took it. It is a rare occurrence for something to be run so well and it made us all feel important in some way.

The turn out was impressive. Andrew Jackson Jihad has the draw. It was a fun first night of tour with them. Ryan, Andy, and Maryn came to the show and this put me in such a good mood. There is a comfort I have in my close friends that crosses state lines and stays with me.

Code Orange Kids were a local high school street punk band. I don’t know what was better; the guitarist doing off mic punk screams into me and Andy’s face, or me and one other younger kid attempting to start a circle pit when the band demanded we do so. The Kids had some teeth showing heart.

The night ended at Pittsburgh’s seediest late night hangout, The Original, or “The O.” Get a grocery bag of fries… get a 40… get someone’s left over pizza! Get real full, real cheap, then leave and go to sleep.


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