show # 101

7/27/09 Buffalo, NY @ The Last Stand

Perfect Plex

Destroy Nate Allen

Till Plains

The Read


Andrew Jackson Jihad

“The Last Stand” basement has held many bands of all genres from all over for years. It stinks like it has. Stickers piggy back stickers on the wall. It’s a colorful list of obscure bands in no particular order, the occasional spray painted message here and there. The steps creak, weak from many shambling feet coming down to see music or running up and out to avoid it. Alex from Lemuria set the show up for us and did a fine job. He took donations like a pro too. This was our 3rd time playing there I believe. The 1st time, a PA speaker cable went out during our first song and we sang anyway but no one heard. I had to run out to the car and get an extra we brought and change it out. During the change, we were “jokingly” heckled but I took it to heart and wanted to cry and leave. This time was much better and I didn’t have to hold back little moody boy tears.

The basement was full for most of the night. The floor was slick with sloshed beer for most of the night. There was energy in the air and shoes dancing their laces untied. There were a lot of Ohioans in one small space which could explain that. A hot topic punker type faked many words along with Austin into his mic during our set. It was adorable though strange. We stayed with Alex and Sheena Lemuria after the show. Sheena made cookies and offered us some so I ate my teeth sore with the sweets. She gave me a butter knife dangly earring too. Now I can look tough always.

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