show # 102

7/28/09 Wilkes-barre, PA @ Café Metropolis
The Greek Favorites
Andrew Jackson Jihad

Wilkes-barre; an old and small Pennsylvania city with a debatable pronunciation. One should say either Wilkes-bar or Wilkes-berry. I like the one with berry. It sounds sweeter. The town has the dying coal or steel feel. We walked to the riverfront to throw rocks. Austin warned us about snakes slithering around rocks near water and Jesse made fun of Austin for this statement by pointing at sticks or anything really and yelling, “Snake!” The riverfront was being restored with a wide path so dog people and stroller mama’s could walk it. I had an extra case of eager heels so I walked off alone before the show and found a pleasing collection of abandoned train cars that used to be a night club. An old station sat nearby too, left to the interest of stray cats.

Café Metropolis might be the only thing for young people to do in town who are interested in any type of indie or punk music. The venue is big with a medium size stage and a good PA. It is well maintained and seems very important to the area’s youth, though I’m sure if I lived there and was a high schooler going to shows, I would be so-so about it because caring about things is not cool at all. I think I’d realize later and kick myself in the toosh. But really, an all ages punk venue with national bands coming through and a bar for pop and chips? I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else.

A good number of kids came out to the show. We got cookies from a girl named Licia before the music started. Cookies heal all tired spirits and fan the flame for ones doing well. I honestly believe this. Locals The Greek Favorites played some throat straining emo indie punk. It was good live.

Andrew Jackson Jihad has been more fun to watch as I catch on to some of their new songs. The sound of a stand up bass with a bow is so powerful in my ears. Ben and Sean made the mistake of challenging us to basketball and then talking trash on stage. We as Delay, knew we could win. Those two smoke as much as Austin farts. I only got nervous when the boys showed some athletic prowess on their skateboards out front after the show. We were kindly put up for the night by the sound guy and two show attendees on cots in their living room. The Basketball challenge was in our heads as we laid them on our pillows for sleepy time.

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  1. ah, wilkes-barre! those abandoned railcars you found used to be a really popular nightclub called the station, i went to a hardcore matinee there once. the first and last hardcore matinee hosted there, mind you. the ramones played there in either the 70s or early 80s. a few of the attached railcars were also converted into a sweet 24hr. diner that we used to go to for some fries sometimes after shows in the early/mid 90s. the diner sadly closed along with just about everything else down there in the past 10 years. sad, the decay from a once thriving coal town, yet i can’t say i don’t romanticize growing up there. the rusty bridges, the huge, abandoned buildings, and the incredible hardcore scene that engulfed the entire valley during the 90s. shows were held in rented firehalls and it wasn’t uncommon for attendance to reach upwards of 2-300 kids, on a regular basis!

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