show # 103

7/29/09 @ The Temple Sinai, Saratoga Springs NY
Andrew Jackson Jihad
Good For Nothing
Sugar Eater
The Black Tie Operation
We quickly found out that Saratoga Springs is famous for an annual horse race. These races just so happened to begin on the day of our show there. We walked the main street that was heavily catered to the horse and tourist crowd.  Sidewalks bustled with digital camera toting families and rich ladies with wild Easter Sunday type hats; their rich hubby’s on one arm, an extravagant purse on the other. I enjoyed pooping in Borders, getting delicious fair trade coffee, and finding a Weston 7″ at the surprisingly good indy record store nestled amongst the over priced restaurants. The town also had a collection of naturally bubbling springs. There are tiny pavilion’s with the spring names over each one and the water flows constantly from a drinking fountain like structure. It is not very majestic but I dranketh from one none the less to either restore or prolong my youth. We had a picnic under one pavilion in a lovely park. Price Chopper’s budget supplies filled us with less than decent PBJ and tortilla chips covered in a rag tag guacamole mix by Austin.
The show was $10. We don’t like playing for over $5. We justified it in that the kid who booked the show had to find a space to do the show, rent the space, and get someone to do sound with a PA. It was disappointing because in my mind, if you are going to ask people coming to the show to pay $10, you should focus on doing a good job taking door so that not just 11 of around 50 attendees give you any money at all. It’s unsettling to know there is a high door price and then not get much at all as the musicians. Let me note, we were thankful for a place to play in which music and human interaction could be the focus, it was way better than no show.  Also, the show was booked with the right motivation for booking a show. I just don’t like money situations in which I even wonder a little bit if someone or multiple someones are getting taken for a buck. With fair, consistant and honest door charging, a well promoted show that costs $5 can get musicians gas for the next town and a meal on the way.
The fast melodic punk style of Philly’s Good For Nothing made me slide around on the wet tile floor from rainy shoes coming in and out.
Albany’s Sugar Eater brought sorrow drenched mid tempo punk a la Leatherface to life in the temple.
AJJ played very well on this night. I love that they care about the people watching them. They play requests when they can and if they cannot they give hilarious or at least bluntly honest explanations for why they cannot. They go back and forth with the audience. They told a horrifyingly graphic story about a deer they hit on the way to the show. It was funny though very morbid and sad. That seems to be what AJJ is all about. Life is funny but sometimes very morbid and sad. Before their set, they were at their merch table trying to do knife tricks with their recently purchased tour knifes. I don’t trust them with those, one of them will lose a finger. I’ve noticed that after they play, they talk to everyone who wishes to talk with them. We drove to Albany after the show to stay with our friend Rachael on her shaggy carpet floor. With a surprise guest, Breadman, we did some catching up and talking before calling it a night.

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