show #104

7/30/09 @ Your Mom’s House, Long Island NY
Palm Kites
For Serious This Time
Bad Haircut
Nude Beach

We lived a movie. We were in Long Island; The Escape from NYC, the retreat to the Sound, the place to raise a family, the place to move away from after high school and be nostalgic about forever because of those red and white striped smoke stakes looming close to the shore. This is what I gather about LI.  The people seem to range from rich to upper middle to very middle class.

Our show was to take place at a parent’s house in their basement. The house sat on a road that provided a breathtaking view of the sun being swallowed by the Long Island Sound. We sat out across the street elevated around sea gull height on a grass strip that dropped down into “The Pit;” a former swampy area made livable by those with big money. We looked out on the water catching the golden glow of the dipping sun. It was the time of day where broken things mend themselves and contentment is found in the sun’s most gentle offerings. We sat until sail boat masts became shadows and the water turned dark.

We found out a pool with a diving board would be involved in the large back yard. I admired the owner of the home’s fruitful garden and hoped guests wouldn’t smash it. A willow tree drooped an umbrella perfect for reading Thoreau under if one should wish too. The Mother of her punk enthusiast sons seemed happy or at least indifferent to hosting a bunch of rowdies. A lot of beer was be involved, a shopping cart full for that matter. The pool deck filled up with kids who still lived on the Island; high school aged to post college aged; and with kids home from college and with a few in from the city.

Local hearthrob indie hunks For Serious This Time played indie power pop that was well crafted. It ventured into pop gracefully. I am anxious to hear a new recording. These young hot boys will probably be famous.

Brooklyn’s / LI’s Nude Beach is the best band we played with all tour. They played high energy, slobbering on the mic, punk rock and roll. It is melodically snotty in a reckless and dangerous way. The guitar cuts with jaunty riffs. The bass is just right, played aggressively but in control. The drumming is solid and moves ahead; no dragging wake. I like their interest in reverb but I would advise them not to sink in it.

Our set was fun. People danced under the low ceiling and in front of the laundry table and around the foundation beams. I don’t think you could hear singing very well. To compensate we just sweat more and made it look like we were good. I hope it worked.

After the music, a pool party happened because it had too. Splashing, dunking, half nakedness, full nakedness… drinkin’ and swimin’.  At one point an announcement happened that made everyone silent and nervous.
“EVERYONE. SO….. We are out of beer. I am going to the store to get more. Who wants in!?” Cheering erupted for the noble party knight. I laughed along with Jesse as we floated in the pool as warm as a bath thanks to all the lively bodies paddling in it.
“This is like a teen movie,” Jesse said.
“I can’t believe we are here,” I said, meaning it at that moment and for all the moments leading up to right then.
We all were staying on the island and to leave we had to round up a bunch of kids doing the same. It took forever to leave. One kid went to help a gal “find her shoes.” One just kissed another one in the middle of the street. Austin drove our hosts car home full of drunk kids 4 years younger than him. They sang along to the radio, forgetting to give directions. With some extra turns, we made it to a parental house to sleep in. We nodded off watching Can’t Hardly Wait. Fitting.


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