show #105

7/31/09 @ PILAM. Philadelphia PA
sketchy kid
Angry Serfs
Algernon Cadwallager
Andrew Jackson Jihad

B-Ball~! In Albany we set out early and bought a basketball. AJJ bought one too along with head bands. They were serious about the culmination of their Basketball challenge. We found a worn out pavement cracked court behind a school. We warmed up. To see if he could dunk, Ben leaped up and hung on the rim. He lost control and fell right to the ground on his back. Sean threw a couple of shots over the hoop. Dan was their golden boy, it was obvious even in warm ups. We as Delay steam rolled them in a game to 11. They didn’t stand a chance. We are under cover jocks. They could never trash talk us ever again. The point is, it was fun. We played more with switched up teams until we felt blisters nagging beneath torn sneakers.

That nite….
This was the first frat house Delay has ever played. Levee your judgment. This was the freak frat. It was the co-ed frat. The artist, musician, nerd frat. Their membership class pictures were more like a vast collection of Revenge of the Nerds cast promotional pics. One picture featured a kid in full Vader gear. Another had a kid sporting sun glasses and a bong held up like a light saber.

The large living room filled up quickly. The place was packed.  This kid and his acoustic guitar got added to begin the show. He was very bad. He sang a song about being violent towards a girl for not giving him a BJ. It was obvious he was joking and didn’t know better, but still, I had to yell out that it wasn’t funny and that it was fucked up. Some others did too. When ideas like that go public, I think I can too. Austin encouraged me to personally speak with the kid about it later in the night and so I did, reluctantly because I was nervous and felt like a jerk. I civilly conversed with him about how jokes about violence against women are just not funny ever in the punk community or anywhere for that matter.

ANGRY SERFS from Philly played next. They played an 80’s punk style, Zero Boys and Wipers influenced and Descendents influenced. Awesome!

We played next. We were very together and into it and I felt like we were one rock unit.

AJJ made Philly go bonkers. Have you seen people mosh to acoustic music? Ridiculous. A phenomenon considering it was their first time ever in Philly. Most people knew most words. They sold merch like crazy.

Algernon Cadwallager closed the show. Seeing them play for their home city crowd made me giddy. I got into it. They put on a praise worthy live show; one I would blabber about the entire next day. Noodling guitar executed with precision. Unexpected sing alongs. Indie punk done right. Bursts of built up energy over seamless tempo changes. People say they sound a lot like Cap n Jazz (sp? ) but I haven’t listened to that band much. The guys in the band are all really rad too. I hope to book them in Ohio soon.

We hung out at PILAM for awhile. AJJ and their sleeveless, good time roadie Dan, beat Delay all at once in an arm wrestling extravaganza. It was revenge for the basketball game. I had enough sips to give me courage to challenge Dan in a $10 foosball game. Little did I know he was basically semi-pro on the punk house foosball table circuit. I got smothered. I scored two measly goals.

We drove to stay at Big Mama’s warehouse after my shameful loss. In the car with Jesse, Austin, Amanda, Jake and Dan, I got to feel ultimate freedom and bliss. The windows were down. We screamed along to our tour song, I Swear, by All for One. We meant all the words. We were all in love with each other and the night. At Big Mama’s, a random cougar (older woman going after younger men), gallivanted around in lingerie. Some party kids partied. One of them pants-ed me as I prepared to go to sleep with the Delay crew in the recording studio room. I think you should only pants those you know personally or figures of authority but maybe that’s just my personal belief.


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