show #106

8/1/09 Ridgewood, NY @ The Silent Barn
Laura Stevenson and The Cans
Ogre Smash Death Boom
Bouncer Fighter
Bridge and Tunnel
Andrew Jackson Jihad


From a busy NYC street, Silent Barn looks like a closed down auto shop. We knocked on a silver door. We knocked uncertain and light knocks. To my surpirse, we were at the right spot. We were granted access and welcomed to a place so much bigger inside than it looked from the road. The walls were covered in artistic efforts. The floors were trodden with the coming and going of many. The upstairs show space was large with risers in the back for extra visibility for those who dwell further away from the action. They had just opened up their basement as another show space with the exciting addition of air conditioning. We were early so we strolled around. Hunger led us to cheap amazing pizza above any that Ohio offers.

For most of the show, I was anti-social due to a lot of people everywhere. I kind of just sat low and took on no challenging social adventures. Our set went over well and it was definitely the first time we had a good show in the city. I did catch up with city friend’s in bands and get to meet a few new faces. But my mood remained reserved and restrained. Laura Stevens and The Cans captured my attention with beautiful, simple, well written songs. Their music made my busy brain settle down. Before loading out, I got a drunk lecture of sorts about how Delay could do better on the road and in general if we wanted to. About how ‘bigger’ shows with promoters aren’t necessarily as bad as they might seem to DIY stubbornists. It is true. However, Delay is a band from the gut. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably won’t be for us and so we often make people nuts with this simple stomach feeling compass. Later in the night I ranted about wearing a helmet on your bike and how it’s much cooler than silly little hipster hats. I apologize to Tia and Rachael from Bridge and Tunnel for having to hear this outburst. Sometimes I am crazy.


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