show #107

8/2/09 Windsor, CT @ Chris Z.’s House
All the Friends
Mutiny Amongst Friends
Swear Jar
Andrew Jackson Jihad
Guerilla Puppet Show

I felt so good at this show. It was in a CT suburb at a parent’s house in a garage. It was like middle school. The cars lined both sides of the street and punk kids stood around looking suspicious and neighbors peered out of windows wondering what was going on. The cops came before the show even started. They didn’t care really. They just needed to have all the cars moved to one side of the street and then everything could go down as planned.

I had wet and smelly tour foot shoes from leaving them outside in NYC to show courtesy for our hosts. I didn’t wanna stink up their small Brooklyn apartment. They were filling up with rain when I woke up to go outside and get them. Chris Z., who booked the show and lived at the house, lent me some shoes right when we got there. Not just any shoes. Fuckin’ late 90’s, puffy white, AIR JORDANS in just my size. When I put them on, I jumped higher… I ran faster… I could do anything… I swished every shot I took… I kind of looked like an ass.

Locals All The Friends started the show with indie pop perfection. WOW. This was their first performance so they said. Twins harmonizing and flying up to falsetto like song birds. They had keys pumping over a full band. They had bells. I really want to use bells in a song now.

Locals Swear Jar slopped through some East Bay meets Long Island punk sound for a rousing good time.

Locals Mutiny Amongst friends played a comedic set of tongue and cheek folk punk. It was hokey pokey punk.

We played and I sweat a lot and jumped extra high… you know why! Kids new the words! Whoa shit. It was so awesome and kids were taking pics for their flickrs and the internet and all that. I would rather not know we are being photographed. Then everything happens more naturally. Documentation is fine and I encourage it. It is fun to look back on and a good way to be involved with and interact with live music. I appreciate tasteful and covert snaps. Most photographers at this show actually did blend in quite well.

AJJ brought it down a notch with a quieter set amongst chirping mosquitoes in the backyard on the deck. I’m amazed that they make crude lyrics sound pretty. That’s talent.

The Guerrilla Puppet show brought our current political state in the USA to life in an over dramatic, theater geek fashion. It was out of the norm and demanded a different type of attention than a punk band. It was comfort challenging, unapologetically out there, and best of all entertaining. It was a good night. One small bummer was seeing a kid smash his phone on the garage wall to a billion pieces. He got broken up with. I hope he is doing better now. In a text on Austin’s phone I told Kristina formerly of the band Ripshit that I was tour crushing on her and that is so like me. Tour crushes are thrilling. No apologies. I like most people I meet and am attracted to them in some way. I am destined to gush silly feelings way to soon for the sake of adventure.

Austin made a trip to THE PRICE CHOPPER yet again to get some food to feed our never satiated tour guts. Meanwhile, I played UNO. I found out that everyone we were on tour with is a cheating, venomous snake. I played honest; mostly. No one won. We all won actually.


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