show # 109

8/4/09 @ The 3rd St. Co-Op, Washington DC




The Max Levine Ensemble

Andrew Jackson Jihad

Once again, the show was attended in masses. This was maybe the hottest show I have ever been at in my life. The blue carpeted basement was wall to wall with kids. I sweat so much that my hands pruned like I had been in the bath tub. The first punk ladies I ever knew from Berea / Middleburg Heights, came out to the show. My close friend Libby, Becca, and Lilly had all relocated to the D.C area. Seeing them boosted my mood from good to better. I didn’t care that I could have wrung my clothes out.

I like being in D.C. I can think about important hardcore bands. I always end up in some neighborhood I never knew was there. The city seems endless with places and people. It was our first time to the 3rd St. Co-op house. It is packed with good kids who I enjoyed conversing with. There is an energy I felt in the house. A youthful current and a something’s always happening feeling. They cooked for Food Not Bombs there. They also let neighborhood ‘Go-Go’ bands practice in the basement.

Transgression were local D.C area kids, pretty young, playing some sick and slow sludgey crust. Shit was tuned way down and turned way up. I had to join in jumping around.

When we played my eyes clouded and my temples pounded heavily from the extreme heat. Holding onto the pick and even holding down the strings with out slipping all over the neck board became a challenge.

The Max Levine Ensemble only made it hotter. A friend of Spoonboy’s bet that he would not get naked at a show because he was too P.C. David announced that he wanted to get naked and if anyone would be uncomfortable by it, let him know. There were no objections. He got naked. He was celebrating his version of the male body nude, breaking male body standards live with just a guitar sort of covering his anatomy.

AJJ played outside in a vacant lot next door to the house. It gave the show an open invite block party feeling. To end their set, Austin and I helped them out on an acapella rendition of  “I Swear” to the confusion of the crowd. It was sub par but hilarious and reminded me of a Middle School slow dance. After the show we hung out on the porch of the house and tried to think of something to do but just sat and chatted and skated. A neighborhood guy came by and realized Austin and I were twins. He said, “You guys play tricks on girls ever?” He wouldn’t let up. “C’mon now… you have got to have played tricks on ya’ll girlfriends.” When I finally caved and said yeah, we did, laughter swept over us all as we let the summer night go late. Later we heard he was arrested down the street for having weed. I bet someone with us had it. I bet a cop could have stopped kids from skating in the street instead.


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