show # 110

8/5/09 Richmond, VA @ Nara Sushi then moved to a Moped Gang’s Warehouse

Pedals on our Pirate Ships

The Two Funerals


Andrew Jackson Jihad

We showed up early in Richmond just to kick around town. We went to Nara Sushi and the door was locked. We knocked. A man came to it and we asked him about the show. He said, “The show is cancelled.” Then came the reason; “The chef has vertigo.” He shut the door and that was it.  I’d never heard of anyone with a vertigo case. I guess the chef makes all the bands Sushi as a perk for playing. We would not be lucky enough to savor that perk and on top of that we couldn’t play. Both things were profoundly upsetting.

I called my friend Max, a Richmond resident, and filled him in. He said he would make some calls to try and work something out for us. I was very appreciative. On tour, I want to play every night. We decided to go swimming in the James River to pass some time. We swung from a rope swing tied under a train bridge and paddled around the questionably warm and probably nasty water. I heard when they did a clean up on the river that included scraping the bottom, they found enough guns to arm a small militia.

We went to some record stores. I went out solo to get some guitar strings. I also finally bought my own tour toothpaste from CVS so I could stop mooching it from the houses we stay at without asking. I called it a small step to change my life. For dinner, we decided to live it up and eat at a Pad Thai restaurant to celebrate our last day of tour with Andrew Jackson Jihad.

Before dinner we found out Alex, the ‘promoter’ of the show, found a place to relocate the event. A moped ‘gang’ in Richmond had just purchased a decent sized warehouse for meetings and gatherings. There was already a stage in it and ample space for people to hang out.

The show had a great turn out despite the short notice on the changed location. Richmond is a city with good people in it. Playing for them and being well received means a lot to me and us. I have always felt welcomed by people there and I have always felt comfortable like I didn’t have to be shy about a thing.

Locals Pedals on our Pirate Ship began the night with steady paced, straight ahead, folk punk. The drummers kick drum was a suitcase.

Our new friends The Two Funerals played next. They are a local three piece, all lady, punk rock band. They play aggressive and fast, piercing punk. They have a great live energy.

AJJ played a set full of sing along hits. I leaned against the side wall with Ramey and sang along with the ones I knew. Then we did a much better but equally ridiculous version of All For One’s, I Swear. It ended in laughs and hugs.

Driving out of town the next morning, we saw Tim Barry from Avail riding his bike somewhere. That was cool. Avail is in the top five best bands I’ve gotten to see in my life.

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