show # 111

8/6/09 New Brunswick, NJ @ Meat Town USA

Rubber Molding



This show was the first date of a handful of shows with Amelia. They were all my roommates at the time. I wanted to take them on tour for their first tour. I’ve described their music as an early 90’s grunge pop sound. They have wandering bird song melodies and a rhythm conscious bass player and drummer working nicely off of each other for a perfect, head nodding pace. 

It was our first time to New Brunswick, NJ in awhile. Meat Town USA was a good house and the people in it were welcoming. It had plenty of hand scrawled wall decorations. Me and Jesse got some bum directions from a local to get cheap brewskis. Regardless we had a healthy two mile walk together way down Commercial Ave. It was good practice at improving my short patience and ultimately funny because we ended up trying to see if a Rite Aide we passed had beer. They did not. We walked all the way back and two blocks away from Meat Town to pay a little extra for the same crap.

The show was just alright. There was a general feeling of un-enthusiasm and tiredness like everyone had work the next morning very early. Ya know, people watched in a very reserved way. But that’s fine. And people were friendly. I’ll say meeting up with Amelia after not seeing them everyday brought me the good feelings for the day. Like this is part of my family, this makes comfortable sense. For some reason, when I first saw Jimi walking down the street with Aarthi, he was smoking a cigar.

We stayed with infamous Ergs/Lemuria roadie, Jay Insult. His house had shit tons of punk posters and flyers on the wall. A simple joy in life is bowls full of rice and beans and Jay was our provider. We all watched “The State,” an old MTV sketch comedy show. Hardest I’ve laughed in a while. So fucking funny. Proof that MTV has nose dived completely into a shit clogged toilet. Check out “The State,” if you haven’t yet.

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