show # 113

8/8/09 @ The Fort, Brooklyn NY





Stupid Party

Bad Blood

If I had to park in NYC everyday I would cry a lot more. It was an ultimate sense of relief to find a spot right out front of The Fort, maybe the only spot on the block. It is a very large, old house in a predominately African American part of Brooklyn. The Fort and the house next to it are both punk houses so it is more like a complex with a shared driveway/courtyard in between, just off of a main drag. The house is so big almost like a blown up family home from the Midwest dropped in the city. I wonder what it was in its former life. Chuck from Stupid Party welcomed us with French pressed coffee and the Delay crew decided to cook all the pasta we had with whatever vegetables we could find thrown in.

We ran into our friend Kate originally from Athens, GA. So far on tour, we have crossed paths on her first day living in Arcata, CA; on her graduation party day in Athens, GA; and now on her first day of work in Brooklyn, NY. Strange. We’re her landmark band.

Amelia, a little traffic stressed and nervous, began the show. I thought they played well but they would say otherwise. I woulda turned Jimi’s bass up, that’s all. I was happy for the show because it was in a big city and was well attended and as a touring Ohioan, I always wanted a good city show to feel fucking cool like a hand me down leather jacket.

We played next and I think we were on it. It helped to have friends from Long Island singing along and being fun. The mics were electrifying and we had to cover them with bandanas to try and stifle the shock.

Witches is dark and moody, ominous indie grunge. Yeah. It’s good. Sounds like some Athens, GA musical flavor. Eat your heart out R.E.M, although Automatic for the People has been our tour tape of choice.

Landlord from Bloomington is a stoned sounding punk band. The sound is raw but slowed down a bit. It has a groove. It is full of catchy Dinosaur Jr. type riffs (not as wanking) and good melodies. The drums thump in the pocket. The bass wanders off and comes home at just the right parts. There full length “Lifers” is my favorite stuff by them thus far.

Stupid Party! They like Hickey and older Butthole Surfers. It’s a combo of slow head bang riffs and fast sloppy punkitude. Great looking band collectively. Their self-titled full length is a breath of fresh air from the Brooklyn dance punk junk that has flooded the scene.

Bad Blood is a Brooklyn rock n’ roll band. They have heavy riffs distorted with turmoil. The sound is filled out by low engine rumbling bass and bashing drums. I wish they would sing on the mic though.

Many people filed in and out of the living room all night. There were free condoms at the door for anyone leaving for romantic purposes. We were leaving to stay with Tavish, a friend who recently moved to the city from Ohio. Leaving and loading up, despite Baby Jake’s warning, I stepped in someone’s puke that was strategically placed at the foot of the trunk. Drat! After a wrong turn filled drive, we arrived at our friends apartment. We stood outside of his door, arms full of stuff for around 10 minutes, waiting for his roommate to take a break from doing the sex to let us in. I was SO tired.


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