show #114

8/9/09 @ 11 Forbes, Worceseter MA

Harry & the Potters




Dead Mom the Dog

This was my second time to the living cooperative @ 11 Forbes. They own the house. They share food, cooking duties, and cleaning duties. It seems to actually work for them. They are into fixing and riding mopeds too. Music and art seem to be a daily occurrence. We hit up another Price Chopper in town, our tour grocery store of choice. This one was killer cause it was loaded with all the flavors of POLAR pop, Worcester’s native soda brew. We arrived at the house with time to hike around, find a pond in a park, and skip stones. Jake made up a game: Try to hit the rock showing its head out of water with the rock you’re throwing. We are easily entertained. The walk continued up hill with large healthy trees on either side of us. On the way back, Jake convinced me to follow a root and rock filled wilderness trail with him to see where it led. It ended up being a clever short cut towards dinner. You should never grow out of playing in the woods. You become your animal self, full of wonder and life.

The show was one of my favorites of tour. It was sibling themed. Brothers Harry & The Potters are a local novelty nerd band singing about topics relating to the cult fantasy classic, Harry Potter. They played two songs in house resident Annie’s under the stairs closet room because I guess Harry had a similar living arrangement in one of the books. Then they plinked through sloppy and cheeky punk songs in the basement.

Universe from Bloomington played next. They are sweet people to be around. Their sound is a post punk/post hardcore sound with some wizard magic in it. I like the electrified violin sound. Some guitar noodling happens and the vocals are sung, shouted, and screamed.

I was in a fun mood. Amelia’s set was good. Our set was fun and full of stupid twin banter that probably irritated Jesse while delighting others. Dead Mom the Dog did an acoustic jam sess. keeping the sibling theme of the night alive.

I got to ride a moped later on around the hilly neighborhood. I felt like a renegade in the night with one head light showing my way. I got back and me and Sam Boyd talked about how cool we are for having one earring. We decided to start an earring exchange program. I gave him one… he has yet to reciprocate. I’m a little salty about it. In my sleep, according to Maryn, I said this series of things.  “Turn around, wipe your butt.”  “Tommy told me to say it.”  “Everyone is just saying things.” and finally, “I’m a college graduate.” I’m not sure what was going on with all of that. In the morning, we ate absurd amounts at Pickle Barrel. I like Worcester and Worcester people and The Pickle Barrel. Worcester is a city with all it’s own New England feel. It is homely.

me in front of wierd stationary vehicle in a worchester park.



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2 responses to “show #114

  1. Lora

    I’m jealous that you got to play with/see Harry and the Potters and I’m not afraid to say it!!

  2. marynnn

    WORCESTER, LIKE THE SAUCE. no, but seriously, i love reading about these shows. makes me feel fuzzy and nostalgic.

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