show # 115

8/10/09 Portland, ME @ Coyle Street

Laces Out



Dead Uncles

Dylan Bredeau

Right when we pulled into the Coyle Street house, it was time to leave it for summer’s premier activity; swimming. A guy around my age was travelling around in a short school bus and was visiting the Coyle Street house. He volunteered to drive to a swim spot so Delay and Amelia and a bunch of Portland punks filled up the bus like a field trip. I suggested everyone tell a story about riding on a school bus to break the ice. Mine was about getting busted for crawling under the seats all the time with Austin… and once, shamefully I should say, showing a lot of bus passengers my weenie in kindergarten. My favorite bus story came from this fun and cool punk gal with big black rim Milo glasses. She said, “Me and one of my friends that I sat with everyday decided we should kiss on the bus to find out if we were lesbians. We wanted make out to see if we liked it or not.”   “AND??” we said. She explained that she liked it but the friend decided she was not a lesbian and also decided that they weren’t much friends anymore. Strangers and acquaintances and friends shared a laugh. To reveal yourself in a story is a welcome mat to others around you. That’s why I love to tell and hear them.

We swam in a beautiful river in the woods. It was cold enough to cause a full body shiver upon dunking the right parts, but not too cold to enjoy and be refreshed. We let the current push us around for awhile and I found a decent branch to leap off.

Back at Coyle Street, the show went well. It was a poppunk themed night. I felt like I wanted to rock more energetically and contagiously. It did not really happen but things were still fine. I’m usually frustrated on tour when I can see a gap between how I imagined a show going and how it actually goes. It was supposed to be like the first time The Ramones played in London! To aim so high is a curse. To want to do everything again and do it better is a more welcome curse. It’s a devastating fuel.

After the show we all congregated on the roof outside of our host Nick’s bedroom window. The summer sky was star speckled and purple-blue. We didn’t have a damn thing to do the next day except play a show. It’s a free feeling.

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