show #117

8/12/09 @ Castle Rockmore, Syracuse NY





This was the last show with Amelia and it was tired and underwhelmed. I wanted to have Amelia on my shoulders, victorious and unstoppable at the finish line. We’d pound a Gatorade and keep truckin’. We’d keep spinnin’ the wheels recklessly but at least in some direction and with momentum. But some days are just days. Even tour days. You eat and talk a bit and ride in a car and the day passes. You’re alive and you had a show and at least a few gave a care to watch or at least you have some people to play music with. The drive to Ohio was long. Toll Roads are torturous at times. So many service plazas with bullshit overpriced things and nothing open late. They need the snack heavens full of cheap sugar injected corn, open always in some weird small town of Ohio. Mcdonald’s was open. I got an Apple Pie. I still feel ashamed but I was famished. When it was done, I was still starving.


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