show # 118

8/14/09 @ It’s a Kling Thing, Akron OH



Reverse the Curse

The Kids United

I don’t know too much about Akron. We had never played there. I visited my Great Grandmother there once before 1990. All I remember is her playing a music box for us that she was more fragile than. My Grandad worked there for BF Goodrich for years. He worked as a chemist on patents and product improvement. His sharp mind earned him respect as a loyal worker for an improvement on the thermometer. In later days, he might have made a good buck from it. He said at that time, it was just part of his job, and that’s all I know about that. I never met Great Grandad but he was a firefighter there for many years. Akron is nicknamed The Rubber City because it was a hub for rubber production in the U.S.  Grandad told me that you used to come back with black soot on you if you were downtown at all. A life I never knew. Now Delay was playing a basement show there. I felt a familial river merging. Strong waters flowed just knowing my blood has been there.

Kling Thing is like a lot like a Grandparents house. Dated interior, shaggy carpet, wood panel walls. It is surprisingly clean. We were welcomed with food. It felt good to be back in Ohio amongst friends and in the company of Ohio bands. Annabel and Reverse the Curse are two great bands gathering attention as they continue in their music. It is deserved attention. The Delay set was fun because Scotty Annabel had the new tape already and was singing all the words. We sang them to each other. I played through Ed from Reverse The Curse’s stack on his settings. I sounded like a louder person. That’s not necessary but I liked it.

A guy came into the show from the street. Seemed a little tipsy. He stole a couple fridge beers. He asked me for free CDs. I said I couldn’t give other people’s music away. He said he really wanted to check out the music though in my head I decided he wanted to try and sell them somewhere for some dollars. It might have been the case. We sat and talked about music briefly. He left with a Delay CD and I can only wonder if maybe he listened to it and what his first thought would be if he actually did.

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