show #119

8/15/09 Southwest Folk Fest Western Springs, IL @ The Church of Rock

Many bands played, mostly acoustic. We skipped some to play a sloppy game of basketball behind a church across the street. It was sub par athleticism on display. For most of the show I wandered around, occasionally catching familiar faces. I saw my favorite Columbus expatriate. Pat did an informative screen printing workshop. Then I was watching bits and pieces of everything or browsing zine tables. I ended up dancing a little with Ohio friends and circle pitting with some random younger kids. Nervous to play and anxious, I ran around hopelessly for a 7/11 to get a drink. Better that I didn’t find it. The Letters To The Moon set went very smoothly. I was pleased with the performance. Delay played our one and only acoustic set. Jesse had work and couldn’t make the trip with us. It was just me and Austin. It was funny because we pretended as if drums were there. We played as if distortion shook the earth. We also covered Operation Ivy’s Freeze up. It seemed timely. There was relationship drama at the show. Many Chicagoans were sad because Victor from Arkansas was going to music school in Brazil. Tears everywhere.  I can’t imagine such a big step and big move. Hugs came with wet eyes leaned on necks. A music gathering is the place where it all comes out. It’s either the embrace or the escape or the explosive culmination of events. I guess it’s a lot.

After the show, we all went to a diner. A real diner with greasy everything, coffee in mugs, and their first dollar mounted. We sat on circular spinny seats, cushy with green vinyl. It was Toby’s home town diner. We recalled him hosting us there before, drunk and accidentally the owner of too much Delay merch. Older women, semi-rude in an endearing way, made strange eyes at each other over us. We stayed at the Toby Foster’s parent’s house. I met them in the morning going outside to get my stinky shoes. I love meeting people’s parent’s as they are doing crosswords. I like to see a generation and try to understand people better.


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