show # 120

8/16/09 Columbus, OH @ Monster House

Les Deux Magots

Baby Guts

Dylan Bredeau

Dead Uncles

Reverse The Curse

What do you do the day after tour ends? Run a show. Be at a show. It’s like breathing or something.

Les Duex Magots from Minneapolis were a two piece band of grunge punk.

Baby Guts were a MN two piece rattling and feisty punk band. It’s about the raw energy.

Dylan Bredeau were screaming and dripping with emotion and sweat. They looked collectively hunky. They are from Portland, ME.

Dead Uncles from CT were formulaic 4 chord pop-punk. Hairy chested fun.

Reverse The Curse. Joey was wired on Mountain Dew. Connor was high. Ed was banging his great hair around. These are things you come to know about a band.

After the show I felt heroic with mischief.  Reverse The Curse’s Dodge Caravan was our packed carriage to a pool in Grandview. We all sat on the floor, anxious for chlorine. We were over the fence in our undies or less and leaping off the high dive. The board screamed a percussion to all within a half mile, signaling our presence. We splashed around and I grabbed ankles under water. I felt invincible until I heard that cop car bloop sound in the distance. We got out and hid. False alarm. We got back in. Then we decided not to push our luck. We climbed back over the fence and just as we were almost all loaded in, a head lamp of a bike flashed on my shirtless body. It was a cop. A mountain bike cop; alone. I had to talk to him cause everyone else ignored him.

“What are you doing?”

“We’re leaving.”

“Ya know, the pool is closed for a reason and you’re trespassing….

How’d you get all wet?”

“We just were leaving.”

“You seem like you went swimming, How’d ya get in?”

“I apologize sir. We went over the fence and in the pool. I know it wasn’t a good idea…. I used to live here in the apartments and I just wanted to take my friends for a quick dip and then hit the road. I know it probably wasn’t a good idea and I’m sorry sir.” [untrue]

And some how we were able to leave. He didn’t waste his time and city dollars on dumb kids. We could have just backed over him. It would have saved my nervous chatter.

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