show # 121

8/18/09 Columbus, OH @ Monster House

Signals Midwest

Two Hand Fools

The Winslows

State Lottery


I was excited for State Lottery and my excitement was validated. This NYC band features a collection of musicians and people I admire. Their “front man” played in a Michigan pop-punk band I met and saw a few times in my very early years as a DIY enthusiast. The Gibbons. Bobby Gibbons. They played a Libby Zay (in neighboring burb’ of my old hood) pool party extravaganza where I got to know Marco from Salinas Records. They also played a 24/7 house show in Columbus in which Bobby’s tour mates drenched him cruelly with cheap domestic beer. That burns your eyes. I guess they could be compared to Jawbreaker even though I didn’t know Jawbreaker at that time. I just thought Bobby wanted to spoil his voice. State Lottery was a full band. Drums, bass, 2 guitars, keys, sax. The sound was a soulful sound with punk energy. It was a city sound. Catchy and foot stomping like a good upbeat Springsteen number or Tom Petty song. The vocal melodies were sometimes thin, then at times coarse, then at times powerful and full. I’m anxious for a new recording by them.

Two Hand Fools keep getting better. Their cowboy punk sound has grown into better songwriting. They now have songs with some staying power. Molly (bass) rode unicycles with me before the show. I had no idea she could ride. She terrified me trying the 6 ft. Giraffe cycle, propping herself up on a dumpster in the alley and then taking off. She got two pedals in before tipping and thankfully finding her feet.

The Winslows from St. Augustine, FL played 3-chord, predictable pop punk. It was slowed down from massive bong rips. Their tape made me smile at work the next day.

We had a good gathering out on our porch of good people after the show. We enjoyed the mid August night in all it’s thick aired presence.

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