show # 123

8/22/09 Columbus, OH @ Tuttle Park (aka Guggalo Palace)

Haywire Desire

Bad Blood Revival

Stupid Party

We took a chance booking an outdoor show. We hosted the show in Tuttle Park under a cement pavilion connected to public bathrooms that are always locked. Tuttle is a really open park of ball fields and the closest apartments are about 100 yards away. When I heard a kid jamming on Pearl Jam way too loud in one of the apartments, I knew we’d probably get away with having the show. I knew about electricity access from the nearby tennis courts thanks to a dance party Kristina and Kenton threw about a year before. They had our PA hooked up, stealing electricity via an endless extension cord, rocking dance music late into the night. There was also a dishwasher liquid soap slip ‘n’ slide on a blue tarp. I got scratched up pretty bad doing it and Kenton and I suffered from extreme burning in the urethra (yer pee hole) the next day. Very unpleasant. On this night, the pavilion was christened ‘Guggalo Palace.’ It was named for all the strange sharpie graffiti probably done by Guggalo’s doing rituals and drinking Faygo.

Donations for the show went well. I was pleased with the attendance. I like being out in the open air. Punk took a presence in the park. People had biked, walked… even motorcycled there. Some folks from the area showed up to check out the commotion and ended up staying and enjoying the music. We let the block know we were there and people actually joined us rather than calling the cops. I’m a checker outer too. What’s the commotion? Can I get in on it? Why not. Public space felt public.


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