show # 124

8/28/09 Cincinnati, OH @ The Bikehaus

The Buster League

1 Till Plains song

You’ll Get Yours (last show)

Dead Mechanical


The most important thing to know about this show is that I went into a swanky art show down the street from Bikehaus with a girl named Kelsey. We ate a lot of free food, drank Beast Ice from champagne glasses, and then left. We looked at art but it was so commercial and dull that I had a hard time acting at all interested. I only tried to appear interested so we didn’t look like the total free loading scum we were being.

At the show, Dead Mechanical’s set surprised me. They are from the Charm City, Baltimore. They play ruff throat punk. It stands out to me as being more genuine than bands that sound similar. The Melodies are very hooky in a deep, sad mix tape, drunk phone call kind of way. They play tight too.

Our set was full of people knocking microphones over into Austin’s face. Delightful. David from The Read was hugging me mid set, inhibiting my playing. I blame him for any sloppiness. Bikehaus shows hospitality and fun times. People want to fall a lot and remove clothes.


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