show # 125

8/29/09 Pittsburgh, PA @ Liz’s, Megan’s B-day

Letters to the Moon

Lisa and I were the entertainment for my long time pen pal Megan’s birthday. From letters about life to arts and crafts; we have traded a lot through USPS. We drove to Pittsburgh just to play and enjoy in celebrating her twentieth. So many sweets… AND pizza! I’d call that a musician’s salary I’d settle on. The apartment was in a really old building with a crow’s balcony that you could see downtown from. I could see that odd black glass castle skyscraper. Below, Steelers fans pumped for game day came and went in Ben Roethlisberger jerseys. I was tempted to yell something about The Browns. The birthday gathering was a humble one of a few close friends and her sisters and brother. That family is fun to be around.

The older sisters have always had a thing for Leonardo Dicaprio. I told a story about how I was told I look like him once, but in the role of Arnie in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? They all delighted in finding it to be a pretty accurate comparison. I was happy to share music and get to know some people I like a little better.

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