show # 128

9/5/09 Cleveland Heights, OH @ The Grog Shop


Signals Midwest


Tin Armor


I just wanted to have fun. Don’t we all? Isn’t that what crashes us into trouble? We made the long trip to Cleveland Heights to see the Sidekicks CD release for “The Weight of Air.” We strolled around Coventry to Big Fun to visit their photo booth and laugh at strange collectibles.

I walked to BP and got some bad liquid. I wanted to drink at the playground across the street from Grog Shop with a friend rather than waste my hard earned cash at the bar. No one wanted to go with me until Athens own travelin’, tent livin’, all around sweet heart, Kip joined me. In the wooden fantasy land, the most appropriate thing to drink on was a ship. We swilled on deck in the dark. High schoolers giggled near by, making out and misbehaving. Suddenly a spot lot from a cop car sent them scattering. Kip and I laid low and went undiscovered. We finished our shared substance and walked back to The Grog.

The show filled up. Thanks to the stumbling enthusiasm of Air Bud, everyone was into dancing and getting zany for Asinine. We even circle pitted. I got in a skank circle type thing with kids way younger than me and it was embarrassing and fun.

After Asinine, I went to retrieve the hidden park beer and have one more alone. I walked around the dark playground. No one was in sight. I decided with pint in hand that I would walk up to the impressive slide and have a go down it. That’s when I saw a uniform with a flashing gold badge approaching me.

“Excuse me, sir.”

I dropped my can and ran. I ran as fast as I could. I didn’t know what else to do. I was sprinting across the field, tears welling up in my eyes, the spot light dancing after me. I ditched my pocket brew and kept moving. When I got to the street I saw cars coming but somehow I knew I wouldn’t be hit if I kept my pace. It was a blur. I almost ran into the back of another cop car while a Jetta beeped disbelief at me. I thundered through the Grog Shop doors and into the bathroom. I made it. I was stupid and safe and out of breath.

The Tin Amor set was extra sweet. Freedom felt blessed. They premiered new songs, still tender with inspiration. They ended with an all star cover, adding local favorites Bobby Stevens and Andy Cook for a couple verses on Tom Petty’s, Won’t Back Down. Flawless.

On their big night, The Sidekicks came through with a special set. I love knowing a band is in love with a moment while playing. They were proud of themselves and sure of themselves. The heightened excitement caught on with everyone. It was good enough to make me over pay for a CD I could have stolen from Steve pretty easily when we returned back to Columbus, which I would be happy to do with out a court date.

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