show # 129

9/9/09 Columbus, OH @ Monster House

New Creases

Jason Clackey



Fischer from Santa Cruz are a 2 piece of punk pop covered with basement mildew. They play from the guts. It’s for the love of playing and not for what’s paying. Austin has been rocking their 10” consistently since the show and he is pickey.

New Creases are on their way to being drooled over by pop-punk message board regulars. The songs are heart-wrenching. They are heartbreaking. The bass and guitar riffs work like siblings while the drums keep it steadier than the line at Taco Bell after midnight.

Jason Clackey from Seattle (full band). Good show. They played melody laden punk grown up into some memorable mid paced songs. It was reflective sounding like watching a rain shower in the overcast north-west. The drummer played really hard. They also nailed a Sam Cooke cover.

 Our set went pretty well. I broke a string for maybe the 5th time ever live. I change them compulsively because I hate killing live momentum trying to nervously wind a string up and tune it. I finished the set on an SG. I look funny in a nice guitar. I’m more of a crummy Fender kinda guy.

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