show # 134

9/23/09 @ Spore Infoshop, Columbus OH

Neil Sutherland


Matt, John, Mark Parsons

Austin booked this show at Spore Infoshop for a change from our trodden basement floor. There are couches and chairs to slouch down on and there is usually a full coffee pot to enjoy.

Neil Sutherland played introspective and hopeful acoustic songs. He had a very smooth and controlled voice. He was on tour all the way from the U.K.

Imadethismistake is folk punk with a talky delivery. Songs spanning the personal map from friendship to death.

Matt and John are bearded brothers who play in Tin Armor together. Mark is their long time friend from their hometown. He had just moved back from LA. I think they all play Dungeons and Dragons together and you can never ask them to do anything else on a Wednesday night. They played a small collection of indie-pop tunes that occasionally met with Mark’s folkier influences. Mark has a great voice with impressive range up high. Anything the Umland’s (Matt & John) do musically is good.

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  1. Art Umland

    Would like to say hello to Matt & John. Not a great number of people in the world of Umland lineage. So where can I listen to some of your music? – Art

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