show # 135

9/26/09 NYC @ The Cake Shop, Carlapalooza, a benefit for the National MS Society.

We drove all the way to NYC from Berea. We left before the sun was all the way awake and drove all day. We said yes to the show way ahead of time and planned to play a date getting there and a date on the way home. These dates did not happen and I am not surprised. Andy Gardner came along for the trip. Halfway into the drive, he fell alseep and farted.

“Oh my god dude. That smells like stale milk…. Whose the milk man? Special delivery,” I said. Then we had to role down the windows. Andy was serving up the spoiled %2 for the whole ride.

At a gas station, we all went in to pee and Andy took the stall. He was grumbling and moving all around while urinating and didn’t notice a stranger had come in so he just kept hamming it up in the stall. The guy looked at me and said, “Does he always go like that?”

At another rest stop, the bathroom floor was flooded with piss water. I went to whiz on a shed and saw a sign that read, “Men: There will be no urinating on the shed. Violators will be prosecuted.” I reluctantly peed standing in the puddle that soaked through the cracks of my old Chuck’s and got my socks damp with OPP (other people’s pee).

We drove on. We met traffic and crowded toll gates for bridges and tunnels in the city. We moved slow until we finally arrived in Manhattan. We got to walk around a little and have a stroll to the halfway point of the Williamsburg Bridge. We had disappointing, under stuffed burritos. I could have made better ones. Nude Beach from Brooklyn/LI was my favorite band that played.  Lost Locker Combo’s set was fun too. They were dressed as Catholic school children and they played candy fueled rock and roll punk. They threw out candy and toys. Andy and I danced like morons and ate probably a gallon of sugar between us. My favorite toy they tossed out was a sticky hand. Perfect for annoying my friends and gathering disgusting germs off of everything. I tried to make it stick to a photographer’s bic shaved head during the set.

We were compensated for gas expenses, $100. When we loaded out, there was a parking ticket waving at us on the windshield. $115 for being in a restricted night zone. The drive home was long. I barely slept and then was summoned to drive. We stopped at a gas station to fuel up and get snacks. The lady working gave us all the double stink eye. Andy and I ran down a dark country road to try and wake up. Then I pounded a Rock Star mocha drink and buckled down. It only woke me up because it was so embarrassing to drink. It also gave me a horrible stomach ache that acted like a good friend preventing me from nodding off. From Berea to NYC and back in less than 24 hours. It is the Delay way.

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