show # 137

9/29/09 @ Brown Town, Athens OH


Poppy Cock


Onion Flavored Rings

We all rushed home from work and then rushed to get into the car to get to Athens. We have no handle on ourselves when we rush. We get moody like babies that need naps. Brown Town shows start early. Jesse was going to drive and meet us. Then he called last minute and needed a ride. Already on the highway, we turned around and got him and somehow fit him in our beige station wagon (Blanch) along with all of our equipment and Amanda. We were late and frustrated with each other. We have communication issues like a long running marriage.

Things were fine though and when we arrived; late- We loaded in like a sports team. Brown Town is always welcoming with great vegan food and hugs so it was hard to stay sour. We missed Snarlas, formery known as Sister Shuffle and arrived during a collegey band from town called Poppy Cock. They were strange. They lost me with their bird-brained lyrics concerning women.

Seeing Onion Flavored Rings play was awesome. I respect and admire this Bay Area born band. They have some years on me. They give me hope because they have grown in punk and progressed in punk and still make music I would play to lift my energy in a day. I consume it like extra strong coffee to get me livened up.  Each band member has done something rad i.e wrote a book or zine. They have been in some other notable bands too… Funyans who used to play on the street just to shake things up. Crimpshrine, super influential on pop-punk. Horrible Odds, sorrowful nostalgia punk.

After the show, we stopped for fries at O Betty’s. I got garlic fries with enough Garlic to scare off a colony of vampires. I caught I ride home with Sam, Kaitlyn, Steve, Pat, R. Star and stunk up the van. We listened to Regina Spektor and sang loudly and carelessly.


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  1. friendsandwieners

    Don’t forget that we had to ditch Steve to make room for Jesse.

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