show # 138

9/30/09 @ 15th House, Columbus OH

Haywire Desire

The Read


Onion Flavored Rings

I felt like I was in high school walking to this show with my roommates. We were ready for our secret of punk rock as we walked past the college world. People passed us headed off to bars and parties and they had no idea where we were going. We were ready to have our feet stepped on while dust is kicked up off the basement floor. My enthusiasm for the show was unwavering. We were drinking whiskey and ginger ale in old pop bottles. It was a packed show of townies and out-of-towners.

Locals Haywire Desire began the show. They are a newer Columbus band. Britt Poison from Rag Rage sang and played the riffs. Chad played drums and Brian Deller of Griot zine fame played bass. They have a more classic punk sound with a major influence from Bay Area punk and Region Rock.

The Read’s uncompromising, never resting dance punk got everyone moving and in a loose mood.

Cruddy is a punk band from Austin , TX . They played choppy, straight ahead songs. I would say they had an influence from 80’s punk and definitely stuff like The Wipers. Catchy and full of attitude. Cheap and good like low end Milwaukee beer.

Columbus received Onion Flavored Rings with late night love. “More songs about girls and science!” yelled Drew from Cruddy. They gave us a full set of old songs and new. Getting to meet them all and hang out made the show all the better. Get their 2 latest 7”s. They have the hits.

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