show #140

10/7/09 @ SKYLAB, Columbus OH

All Eyes Path

God Willing

Earth Crown

Drunken Boat

I booked this show downtown at Skylab. I made a pot of chili at home to bring along. I strapped my concoction to the back rack of Austin’s bike and when I tried to head out the door with the bike, it tipped off and spilled all over the carpet. I cleaned it up quickly and was so irritated that I stubbornly and dangerously rode all the way downtown holding the large pot of what remained on my lap while biking.

The show turned out to be a good one. It was a combined effort of Skylab regulars and Monster House regulars. It was a 2 noise band, 1 hip hop group, and 1 pop punk band show.

A long gone summer love showed up to the show and of course I was wearing this persons pants that I never returned. I was hoping she didn’t notice.  I drank beer rather quickly to try and stay calm. That is a funny tactic for remaining calm because I didn’t, I became more audibly nervous.  As Billy Bragg sang, “The past is always knocking incessantly…. I won’t be the first to say it’s over.” I survived after some fragments of regret for how it ended settled.

Drunken Boat is one of my favorite current punk bands. They live up to their name. I have seen them be a Drunken Boat riding high on the wave crests and a Drunken Boat awfully close to the rocks. They are real to me. Their songs are so passionate and memorable. They play songs soaked in life living. It’s desperate and urgently hopeful. They sing gritty punk songs that get stuck under your finger nails like a good summer adventure that involved climbing. Harris’ throat is strained and his blue veins show through his red face as he sings like he was drinking gravel. Samia sings with just as much throat rattle but with higher range. They are a brother band too with Harris’ little brother Seth on bass, performing vocal duties as well. They were more than a month in on a little more than a two month tour but you wouldn’t have guessed it. They are resilient and their music makes me feel the same way; like anything bad that could happen will just add to the power of the song.

Drunken Boat came to stay at Monster House. With limited overnight parking in our neighborhood, I rode with them to park on King Ave. , a few blocks away. We walked past the old Hunter house in our walk towards Monster. I met Harris at Hunter house in Summer 2004. He was on tour playing bass in Bent Outta Shape. Delay played the show. I didn’t even officially live in Columbus at that time. We we were waiting to move in down the street in early Fall. Bent used all of our equipment because most of theirs broke or they left it at previous shows. Donations were strongly encouraged because they had van tire issues too. When I pointed out the house to Harris, he fell behind for awhile as I walked on. I think he just stood and looked at the house, maybe appreciating a memory of the late Jamie Ewing. I remember him singing with his eyes closed in the living room while the few punk kids that stuck around Columbus for the summer, shuffled their feet to their corrupted youth anthems on a wooden floor covered in cat hair. I think about that day from time to time too. It had an impact on a few of us that has lasted.


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2 responses to “show #140

  1. i can make a copy of that show (delay and bent outta shape) for anyone who wants one. contact me

  2. Marina

    chili sadness

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