show #141

10/8/09 in a garage, Dayton OH


New Creases

Drunken Boat

Rad Company

I was granted a free ride to this show as New Creases official roadie and band manager. I know I can move equipment with the best of them, but managing; I can hardly manage myself sometimes. Maryn was on duty with me too and we made sure people danced while New Creases played. It was a tough task but we pulled through.

The show took place in a garage just outside of Dayton . Three out of the four bands did different Jawbreaker covers. Drunken Boat was standing on the couches in the back of the garage jumping around and swinging pillows. They swatted a fluorescent light fixture right off the ceiling, sending it crashing to the ground. Part of it hit me in the head but I was fine enough to laugh. They were good guests and swept it up.

Seeing Drunken Boat for the second night in a row made me feel like a fan boy. Buying all their records and a t-shirt and wearing Harris’ leather jacket to impersonate him solidified me as one. As promised, I stayed awake for the ride home riding shotgun, talking to Mickey as everyone else passed out. I ended up losing the records I bought in the New Creases van under mounds of shitty CDR demos or maybe Taco Bell wrappers. Or someone at 15th House with a perpetually growing pop-punk record collection acquired them from me miraculously. I think I should quit music and go into the roadie business. I seem to have a pretty good time and I don’t miss any notes.

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