show # 143

10/15/09 @ Monster House, Columbus OH

Diamond Mines

Yoni Gordon and The Goods

Nervous Sex

Drums Like Machines

Sword Heaven

This show seriously benefited from cooperation between our house and Skylab. More people came out. There was more variety and spontaneity during the show. Something for all of the senses. I am all for the efforts of many coming together for a common good. In this case, a show.

Yoni Gordon and The Goods are from Boston. Comparable to the song writer punk of Ted Leo and The Pharmacists. It is poppy but with a definite edge to it. Yoni is a performer too. So much so that I had to shy away and not clap during a demanded clapping breakdown. It infringed upon the reserved image I wanted to keep for the night. I was surprised by their latest CD. It is full of hooks and solid songs that pep up a day.

Nervous Sex from Philly was awesome to watch. Manic keyboards fought for attention and wild percussion sent drum stick shavings into the air. It was noisy but with structure. They are a very good live act, recommended for anyone who loves to see people freak out while playing intense music.

This was my first time seeing locally and internationally known noise / performance art masters, Sword Heaven. It was frightening. The foundation of our house shook. The neighbors poked their heads out their door and said, “What’s going on?” I guess Max was outside and told them it was coming from a couple doors down. Sword Heaven is only a two piece but they make a thundering roar; full of throat violence, microphoned drums, and strange amplified metal on metal sounds. Maybe the loudest band that has played our house. It is music that would be an appropriate soundtrack for morphing into a rabid beast.


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