show # 144 , # 145

10/16/09 @ a church, Zainesville OH


Horrible Creeps

Kyle Jones

Marbles for Eyes

Letters To The Moon

Joke hardcore band

Levi Funk and the Blame

Zanesville was once our state’s capital. Now it lies about 55 miles away from our current capital and my home in Columbus. I once heard someone say that kids from Zanesville think Columbus is the bright lights and big city so they move here. I would say that’s not entirely true and they figure out it’s not soon enough anyway. Zanesville is famous for a bridge that crosses the Muskingum River in the shape of a Y. It is the only bridge of it’s kind. Remarkable right?  I’d say it is a rural city with a lot of churches and God people and a few folks who love driving in the mud and some parents getting all fanatical over a high school football rivalry. That sounds like a lot of Ohio places actually. It is a refurbished courthouse type of place. Homemade ice cream, antique hunting place. I don’t mean anything bad by it. I’ve met some fine people from there.

My old roomie Dylan grew up there. My friend and poem editor (thanks!) Alison grew up there. They were and are high school sweeties. Dylan always called it Insanesville. He was part of a metally grind scene there in the early oughts. A Legion hall or fire hall would be rented and all the bands from the area would rage. Everyone would come out. I went to two such shows. One that was canceled by some biker dicks at a Legion hall and moved to a parents basement. We had to follow a train of cars on dark back roads to find the show. A now defunct Columbus band, Young Zeus, that predated Tin Armor, pulled into the wrong driveway and had a guy with a shotgun walk out to see just what they were doing.

The second show was at a packed fire hall and way too many bands played. A horrible breakdown, techy-metal band started their set with, “C’mon you pussys! Let’s see what you got!” I knew those kids needed a little more exposure to the world.

Some kids there are currently starting to throw more shows again. This show took place in a church basement. I guess the guy with the PA who has been helping with the shows is trying to get all the kids into Christianity using shows as the spring board. I don’t agree with that. It doesn’t give many options for young kids to form an identity. It offers the ‘right way’ and the ‘wrong way’ and no discourse. I don’t trust the hidden agenda of “subculture missionaries.” I was happy to know at Dylan’s last show ever in Zanesville with his band Bohemian Grove, he went on a rant against religious structure and had his mic turned off. That was how his band’s final set ever ended.

This was Horrible Creeps (Columbus by way of Zanesville) first show ever. Fucking loud and aggressive and aggravated. Grungey hardcore, totally about to fall apart. I liked it.

A joke hardcore band played and offered Andy Gardner a mic. Before you knew it, he was belly-on-the-ground, scooting the mic along with his head, squirming all fish like and shouting like an animal. I guess he had felt sick all night until he did that. I was impressed.

Our first ever performance in Zanesville went well; though I felt like a footnote to some younger kids socializing. It is good to remember small town scenes; the triumphs and pitfalls. We were happy to be welcomed and have the chance to meet some Zanesvilians trying to make their town a little less boring.

@ Carabar

State Song (Cutsey tootsy acoustic pop from Dayton)

Saint Seneca (I bought Grace a beer; a nice one, for her Birthday)


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