show #146

10/17/09 @ Monster House, Columbus OH

Dave House (From the UK)

Slingshot Dakota (TOM & CARLY!)

* 4 songs of Sista Sekunden (Sweden) @ LOD

Slugging Percentage


Pheramones  (Oh yes. Plug in that Casio)

The show had a big Saturday night turnout. Taco Cat from Seattle is a more punk GO-GO’s singing about UTI’s and how much they hate bike hipsters. Every song is fast and bouncy. WE DANCED.

We had a guest who was incredibly fucked up. She was really drunk and going on about how great Paxil (an anti-depressant) was. I think she was high too.

“Where’s my best betch?” she kept saying.

“Who likes to talk to strangers?? MeeeEEEE.”

It was actually a little sad. She wanted her keys to leave. Me and others were telling her she couldn’t drive and we were trying to figure out how we could get her home. I said she could stay but I don’t know if she heard me and I don’t know if I meant it. A friend came and got her, relieving us from responsibility. Bad things can happen to people who get wrecked beyond coherency. To have people who returned for her makes me feel like she has some decent friends.

When you live with too many people you can always count on having someone to start a band with, often times, a band that is kind of a joke taken too far. Ryan and Andy started Baseball themed sludge swingers, Slugging Percentage. They played their first show ever @ Monster House field. Stevie Sidekicks sang the National Anthem with vigorous pride and Pat Pheramone threw the first pitch. Strike! Pat also screen printed them official uniforms. Seriously. Thank god they took a 7th inning stretch, circle pitting around the base path is exhausting.

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  1. pat

    its Pheramones damn it ha

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