show # 147

10/23/09 @ Monster House, Columbus OH

Imperial Can

Gerd Dembowski

The Golden Tuxedo (puppet show)

The Sidekicks

Me and Austin’s 25th Birthday. A show was appropriate so we could drown out people asking us if we felt old. Some people said things like OH MY GOD, I can’t believe you guys are 25! I am not the type of person to say I’m old. I am not old. It’s just not for me. How can I feel old living in a club house having a punk show to honor the day my Mom so bravely brought me (us) into the world? Yeah I am questioning every part and meaning of my existence but that’s not stopping me from the living the dream. Low rent and music and my friends. My dreams. My Dad gave me the birthday present of admiring me and Austin’s lifestyle, saying he respected us for making time for the things we love and making ends meet on our own terms. I am thankful to him for his support and I am continually inspired by him.

I got stuffed with cake and beer. I saw Gerd, an author/activist/musician from Berlin, tell a story and sing accapella songs. I saw a deranged little puppet show. I saw my friends play some fast, youthful punk. I sang along with The Sidekicks so hard that it almost all came up. Good friends gathered. Austin and I felt honored. The house was a mess of dead leaves and crumbs and cans. We had to do a rush clean up for the family coming over to eat the next afternoon. I’m lucky I slept at all. I have Olivia to thank for nurturing me and my too-many-sweets tummy ache so I could sleep. THANKS FRIENDS! Here’s to a quarter century!

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