show # 149

10/25/09 Athens, OH @ Brown Town



Bat Rider

Saint Seneca

One thing certain about playing Brown Town; You’re going to get fed. Baked tofu, gravy, greens. All vegan.

Locals Seascapes played really lo-fi sounding indie-pop. It was bright with intelligent melodies. I felt like I needed a V-neck sweater on while watching them.

Bat Rider- I review them in the next post because I liked them better in Columbus!

The Lightning-yin-yang set was fast paced and kind of sloppy. We were going for the punk band kind of schtick where it’s okay to screw up a lot. We call it art.

SaintSeneca can perform well just about anywhere. They always seem to fall into the performance and bring the audience along. I made my sis and bro-inlaw come to the show because I thought they might like the indie-folk song weavings of SaintSeneca. They did and got their CD. I like to credit myself with having good taste; but not modesty.

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